What About a Brand New Fighting Game? Was Wu-Tang Clan Our Best Effort?

I want to begin by saying I obviously do not think the last effort made to create an original fighting game was Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, but I do believe the game was a prime example of an effort (whether terrible or not) to bring something completely fresh to the fighting genre. With the recent announcement trailer of Injustice: Gods Among Us I was left with some hope that we are about to experience something innovative in the genre. Immediately after, I had to wonder why we took the concept of this game and inserted known and mostly iconic characters instead of inventing new ones. Obviously, the game will be much easier to sell with recognizable characters, and the recent success of DC and WB video games doesn’t hurt, but should we be denied a new fighting series in order to guarantee popularity and successful sales?

I remembered a game (not so much remembered as it has had such an impact on me that I never forgot about it and have longed for a new one) called Bio F.R.E.A.K.S from Midway and the excitement I had back then to play this somewhat unknown fighting game. Midway attempted to create a new series after the success of Mortal Kombat and, unfortunately, failed. But, this game had numerous things that made it worth revisiting for some of us. The most memorable of which was the capability to dismember your opponent at any point in the game. Each character was equipped with a way to cut off an arm or two, which would remain missing for the entirety of the fight, and if you were the unfortunate opponent that lost your arms early on you would have to literally try to kick some ass with only your legs. The game was gory, original, had environmental hazards and final kill moves.

I hope at some point developers put aside their concerns and go for something original that will surprise us and make us fans of the new characters. I don’t think it would be too difficult to do so. If time would be invested in story, character designs, environment designs, and a new fighting engine we could have a brand new hand-cramping obsession in our homes.

In the meantime, I will wait and continue to dream of my own concept entitled White Kollar Kombat: Roll Your Sleeves Up (I think I will let you all interpret exactly how the game will look)

So what do you think? Should efforts be made to take the fighting genre to new territory with new characters, or should we continue enhancing upon series that already exist?