New Dead Space 3 Screenshot Surfaces

Sure necromorphs are scary-looking, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them early.  Dead Space 3 may be a while off, but EA isn’t letting us forget about the impending sequel, unleashing the high-res screenshot below today.

What top-secret info can we glean from this image?  Apparently not much.  Isaac (assuming that is Isaac) appears to be holding a weapon that has two lasers and two ammo displays, signifying simultaneous primary and alternate fire perhaps.  We don’t know where the story will fit into the franchise, but notice the corrupted look of Isaac’s armor.  Based on that, my guess is that Isaac will enter Silent Hill in this installment.

Dead Space 3 has been confirmed for EA’s E3 conference, and we’ll relay all the details about it as soon as we hear them.  Until then, treat any ventilation grates as extremely hostile.

Here is the new screenshot: (Click it for the full image)














Source: Game Informer