Mass Effect 3 Game With The Devs

Hey Mass Effect fans! Grab your N7 Operatives tomorrow night, June 2, between 6-8 PM PST (9-11 ET), and you just might find yourself playing with the creators. Yes, you heard (or read) correctly, the gods of Mass Effect have chosen to grace us with their presence. In the words of the Mass Effect 3 Facebook page, “BioWare game developers, creators of Mass Effect 3, will dock the Normandy to play Xbox LIVE Gold members in their game.” Hell yeah! Just send a friend request or game invite to the following Gamertag(s)

  • BioWareDev1
  • BioWareDev2
  • BioWareDev3
  • BiowareDev4
  • BioWareDev5
  • BioWareDev6
  • BioWareDev7
  • BioWareDev8
  • BioWareDev9
  • BioWareDev10

Tonight is Xbox exclusive (sorry Sony fans, can’t help ya!), and though the Facebook page advertises 7-9 PM PST, tells us that it is the times I listed first (6-8 PST for those of us with the memory of goldfish) and their word is law! Regardless, it is time (yup that was intended) to destroy some Reapers/Cerberus/Geth. Make sure you have the new Rebellion DLC and hopefully I (LubWub) will see you on the battlefield.