How Do You RPG?

Classes. They’re one of the most distinct part of RPGs. Orcs and Elves. Humans and Dwarves. Mages and Necromancers.  No matter the title, no matter the setting, character classes are one of the coolest ways to personalize your gameplay in an RPG.

But how do you decide between all the awesome perks and abilities made available to you between the different classes? What makes you pick one class over another? The Leviathyn staff shares some of their insight into the way we pick our classes in an RPG…and how some of us have changed our minds over time.


I used to do nothing but warrior/tank classes until World of Warcraft. I played a Warrior and wanted to tank but the way the community basically destroys you if you make one mistake made me stop playing it in almost every game after it. Now I enjoy magic users like Wizards, Sorcerers, Mages, Warlocks, etc.

I did nothing by sword wielding badass classes but after I had switched thanks to a nice digital ego kicking I started to really get into the awesome effects of the spells and getting more and more powerful. You can tell in games when you’re a high level magic user. Everything you use is ridiculous. With warriors or whatnot you look at damage numbers. Magic users you can just tell. I launch an inferno at the center of the room, I’m obviously a high level mage or something, ya know?


I’m strange when it comes to RPGs. Single player ones I play the raging Barbarian/Warrior – suited and booted with massive 2-handed weapons and I draw the sharp blades over my tongue before every battle, the only blood of mine spilled that day. I love playing the warrior types in single player RPGs. I am the Hero of all the tales, the gallant Knight, the mysterious outlander with a massive hammer, the shield of muscle and strength against the creeping dark. For MMO RPGs, however, I shy away from melee classes and don the humble robes of a healer. I don’t know why I do this, but it just feels right for me. I don’t miss the rage of close quarter battling, I much prefer being the guy keeping those madmen alive – but only in MMOs. Maybe it’s due to the deep-rooted sense of holding life and death in my hands when I play a healer. Either way. On my own, I’m a snarling boar of a warrior. Online, I am the breather of life and abolisher of sins. It shall be so until the end of times.


I’ve got a thing for swords. Don’t know what it is about them, but any time I play an RPG, my character must #1: Be human, #2: Be a girl, and #3: have a sword. No matter what. It’s one of those things where I might think about trying out a new class, but I always come back to the same old thing. I’m more of a melee type, I guess, although I’ve also got a soft spot for classes that can handle their own with some destructive magic coupled with having some skill in a warrior class. But time after time, it ends up being all about the weapons for me. Especially if the combat is really good, like in a Amalur-type game. I just guess there’s something incredibly satisfying about slicing and dicing all the enemies that get in my way.


I am a warrior all the way: swords, shields, armor. Never was a big magic guy, always preferred the upfront in your face approach. I don’t think it’ll ever change.

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