GameTrailers/Konami Pre-E3 Show Live Blog

So it’s approaching 1 AM, and while logic is telling me “uh, dude…you get up for work at 6:45, the hell are you doing still up?”, my infinite gamer fandom is SCREAMING “WATCH THE PRE-E3 SHOWS DAMN YOU!!!!”

So I am.

First is the GameTrailers TV show on Spike TV, then we’ll move right along to the Konami show online. Each one should be an interesting set of reveals, so check it here for live, up-to-the-second reaction.

12:56 AM– Here I am, sitting and watching television. Right now I’m watching a story on a sleepwalker living on a boat who walked into the water. Whoops.

12:58 – SOON. Was that a 1000 Ways To Die PSA just now?

1:00 – And GTTV begins! Intro is teasing new info on Metal Gear Solid Revengeance, Tomb Raider, Lords of Shadow 2, a new Star Wars game, and Guardians of Middle Earth. There’s Geoff “Ryan Seacreat of Video Games” Keighley now.

1:02 – Starting off with Star Wars: 1313! Let’s see what this is all about!

1:03 – 1313 is about being a Star Wars bounty hunter. Not talking about who we’ll be playing as just yet, but they are mentioning third-person, over-the-shoulder gameplay. Takes place on Coruscant.

1:05 – Well, that was…anticlimatic. Doesn’t look too bad though. Time for the Lord of the Rings MOBA game, Guardians of Middle Earth. Wait, these are actual LOTR characters, not just generics? Gollum, Legolas, Gandalf himself…I wasn’t expecting that. Didn’t look have bad, actually.

1:07 – First commercial break, teasing the Revengeance and Castlevania trailers.I hate commercial breaks…

1:10 – Jesus, a beer commercial immediately followed by a Red Lobster commercial? Now I want food and beer…

1:11 – We’re back, and getting right into Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Trailer time. “After the Patriots”…this is AFTER MGS4? Aw man…

1:12 – Campbell’s voice! Holy damn, he just chopped that guy in half THROUGH THE PILLAR! That slo-mo slicing thing is awesome.

1:13 – #makeitright…make what right? Well, enough of that, now on to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2!

1:14 – Gabriel walking to creepy music. I wonder if how what happened to Gabe at the end of the first game will influence…oh wait, it looks like there’s a direct influence. Well that’s good. The hell is that giant robot thing? …WAS THAT ALUCARD?!? Well, time to go back to Lords of Shadow 1!

1:17 – Commercial break 2, teasing new gameplay trailers for Dishonored and Tomb Raider. DON’T. MOVE.

1:20 – Back for more, starting with Dishonored gameplay. Girl singing a sea shanty, “What Shall We Do With The Drunken Whaler?” That was Elizabeth from BioShock, wasn’t it? Sending that missile back was cool. Very dystopian, crazy police state action, blood blood blood…I’m in. Bring on Dishonored. Got it’s own segment and everything, could end up being trailer of the night, though Lords of Shadow 2 was great too.

1:27 – Geoff comes back to introduce the Tomb Raider segment with WWE ’12 menu music playing in the background. Gameplay trailer looks mighty similar to the gameplay we saw last year…what gives?

1:28 – Ok good, I stand corrected. Whoa…this is like Tomb Raider and LOST mixed together. Island, hostile “others”…wait, was that bullet time just now? Release date of March 5th! New Tomb Raider stuff at Xbox’s conference (I believe I called it!)

1:30 – GTTV is done, time to move on to Konami’s online press video!

(The KONAMI show is NOT live, it’s a pre-made video. As such, my reactions will change to TIME MARKERS, not ACTUAL TIME. You have been warned.)

0:00 – Eh, pre-made video, nothing live. Interesting. Futuristic intro, teasing a studio update, Pro Evolution Soccer 13, the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary, and more. Should be a good show.

00:52 – AH! HOLOGRAPHIC MAN! Oh, he’s just our host, Tomoyuki Tsuboi. He talks about the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary, but then leads into a brand new development studio in San Francisco.

02:18 – Sounds like a social studio: Facebook, iOS, and others. Goodbye Tsuboi, let’s look at this studio.It is absolutely a social studio. Looks good, perfect thing to start the show with. Frogger Pinball (Facebook) and Twilight Carnival (Facebook) are highlighted.

04:30 – Deal with Zynga. Konami is ruined.

05:15 – Pro Evolution Soccer time. I’m more of a FIFA fan, though I’m not too familiar with previous PES games. I hope these change suit the fans. Hey look, Cristiano Ronaldo. New passing, new dynamic first touch (which just sounds bad)…some interesting new features. Maybe I’ll give PES a look this year…maybe.

09:25 – Actual Cristiano Ronaldo message! This is a lot of soccer time…

10:00 – Zone of Enders HD time! I never played these games before, this HD collection will be important for me. Lol, Kojima said BOOM BOOM BOOM. Holy crap, these look like a lot of fun. What did I miss?! Cool, actual anime intro sequence, and we’re going to get to watch…on YouTube. Heh.

12:24 – Metal Gear 25th Anniversary time. Lol, logo has Snake in a box. Quick video detailing the history of Metal Gear, from the NES all the way to the PS3. Heh, I love that scene with Snake waking up from his dream with the PS1 face. Metal Gear was in the Smithsonian exhibit back in March…pretty awesome. Talking about the HD Collection and the MGS 3D. Teases the Fox engine too. Nothing? No 25th anniversary set? Damn!

15:02 – Revengeance trailer, luckily different from the GTTV trailer just now. Whoa, this could be badass. Was that Drebin? Why is that guy chopping him OH MY GOD HE STABBED THE CRAP OUT OF HIM. Why do the Gekkos bleed? What’s that about? Hey, I’ve seen these gameplay bits before…20 minutes ago! But I still love that slo-mo slashing. #makeitright again!

18:52 – One of the producers talking about how Raiden’s best moments were in cutscenes, not in playable…but Revengance will change that. Platinum Games members now talking about what Raiden can do in Rising. Who is that guy with the dark ponytail? Is it Vamp? I hope it’s not Vamp. Nine years since MGS4…hm…is Snake dead in this game?

23:00 – Random Mega64 skit featuring an unemployed Raiden. Children’s parties (with my worst nightmare, the blow-up bounce thing deflating), plumbing, gourmet chef, dogwalker, town crier, skateboarding (?), breakdancer, artist, and FINALLY private security officer. That was kinda funny…kinda.

26:00 – Just realized that the only thing left is Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, and it’s the same trailer from GameTrailers TV. Son of a…

28:11 – While I love this new trailer, part of me wants to cut out four minutes early and go to bed…but I won’t because I’m hoping for some Mirror of Fate information…

29:50 – I was rewarded! Mirror of Fate trailer right at the end! SWEET! But there’s no gameplay…just a bunch of red clouds and words telling me to “look in the mirror June 5th.” Come on man.

That’s it and that’s all. I…kinda wish I went to bed lol. Today was a huge day for news leading up to the big show, but these were merely appetizers on the three-course meal that is E3 2012. We’ve only just begun…