Will Dead Space 3 Be Another RE5?

Between yesterday and today, we’ve been treated to several new screen leaks for the upcoming horror sequel Dead Space 3.

After being leaked, they became subject to speculation. In the images, it appears that tormented protagonist Issac is wearing new gear, is in a hostile arctic environment, and some have even suggested that he will be able to dual-wield.

But the most interesting (and possibly disturbing) detail is suggested in the appearance of a second character at Issac’s side.

Yeah, you read that right. Dead Space 3 will most likely have co-op.

The Dead Space franchise is a beloved horror series where atmosphere and the feeling of complete isolation is everything. Without it, the game would simply become a necromorph shoot-em-up. So, how will co-op affect this?

Now, the secret to a good sequel is to build upon the series while offering some new features to keep it fresh. It looks like this is possibly what they’re going for. But is it going too far? I’m trying to stay optimistic here, but a small part of me is nervous that the game might become another Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil is very similar to the Dead Space series, in the sense that it is a horror game that relies on atmosphere to deliver its spooks. But that all went out the window with #5. More action zombie-killer than horror, RE5 also had co-op and was a strict departure from the first few installments in the series. It also had less of an emphasis on survival, allowing players to become gun-toting badasses instead of survivors running from a grisly death at the hands of the undead.

But will Dead Space 3 make the same mistake? With the existing possibility of co-op and dual wielding, it’s not looking encouraging. But maybe they’ve gone two steps ahead and have already implemented it in a new way that could be nothing but good for the series. No answer exists now, but we can definitely plan on hearing more from developers in the near future.