Injustice Finally Gets It Right

While I might be one of ten people who actually enjoyed Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the brand new fighting game coming from NetherRealm Studios is going to hit the sweet spot. Today Warner Bros. Interactive revealed Injustice: Gods Among Us and brought along a trailer to show off what the game will be like. Don’t get to thinking wrongly here, though. This is in no way MK vs. DC 2. This is an all DC cast fighting each other in a story that should actually appeal to fighting game fans. Finally someone realized that these heroes and villains are like gods walking around cities. Their destructive powers or rich inheritance are causing all sorts of property damage nearly every day. They don’t just stand in a small 3D circle fighting arena. The only people who could be happy in the world of comics are the contractors who have to fix everything. There will always be work.

Why is this something good? Because I don’t want another good guys vs. bad guys fighting game. I want something that has a roster that focuses on everyone against each other. With superheroes! Injustice is going to give us that as it asks us “what if our superheroes were our greatest threat?” What if they were? Well you make a kickass looking video game, that’s what happens. The reveal trailer shows Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Solomon Grundy, a quick look at Lex Luthor, and Harley Quinn fighting each other with in-game footage. Wonder Woman is about to slice Quinn’s throat open. Superman takes Flash by the collar and flies up into space and then pounds him back through the atmosphere and into the ground. Grundy takes a large piece of (what looks like) pavement out of his stomach region and screams out, “can’t stop Grundy!!”


Trailer reveled by Gamespot.


Color me excited. This is an exciting week for fighting game fans. With WWE ’13 having a massive info deluge the other day and now Injustice showing off the superhero game we’ve always wanted, what else can you ask for? Okay, okay don’t get started with the Killer Instinct pitchfork mob.

Still, Injustice is promising a large cast of heroes and villains duking it out in a world where the lines between good and evil have blurred. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like there is even a line anymore. I don’t believe we’re looking at the bad guys trying to be good guys to stop the heroes. Harley Quinn is holding a machine pistol and Grundy is destroying everything in his path. This is all out war. No sides. NetherRealm has gone to great lengths to make the fighting seem more like something you’d see in the comics then another Mortal Kombat. Pure showmanship here, folks. I mentioned what Superman is doing to The Flash in the trailer. It’s brutal. However, what else do you think Supes would do if he went rogue? He’d do everything he does to Darkseid but to his friends and it looks like NetherRealm asked the same question for every one on the roster. That. Is. Awesome. We’ve seen so many “Superman goes evil” stories that end with so much left wanted. We never get that epic showdown between Superman and Batman. We never get to see Green Arrow finally go off on Hal Jordan and beat the living crap out of him. It either goes along the lines of Superman is hurt so badly that it is actually a one sided fight or they both agree that this is stupid and they need to focus on the real danger. Injustice says, “pffft, not here.”

This is exactly what I’ve wanted in a Superhero game. It’s hard to make an adventure game, MMO, platformer, or any other genre that stays (or even begins) interesting. You have to rely on established villains doing standard things. The problem is that we’ve seen it all before. It’s almost like a “Simpsons did it” type of thing. What hasn’t comics done already? I mean Superman beat Darkseid by basically whistling. They’ve done it all. The one thing we haven’t seen is all the heroes and villains fight each other in a war where there are no sides. Why not? Because they don’t want to hurt the images of their boys in blue. Heroes are heroes. Villains are villains. That is that.

Finally, we’re looking at DC Comics allowing us to throw that old adage out and have some fun. Plain, old fun. This looks visceral. It seems intense. It sure is brutal. I’m hoping we see more of Injustice at E3 because I am already too excited for this. Here’s to hoping that Lobo and Atrocitus make it in. They are needed additions for this type of game.

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