Gears Of War Prequel – The Battle for Ephyra?

The new Game Informer cover has revealed that a new Gears of War game is in the works. The cover depicts what looks like Marcus Fenix in bonds being escorted by two Carmin– I mean Cogs soldiers. Destruction is going on in the background which makes this look like a war crime. This is most likely a prequel.

In the Gears of War lore, Marcus went from a hero to a traitor during the battle for the Ephyra. Marcus took the Hammer of Dawn weapon which would help the Cogs win the battle to his father’s estate, which was under siege. Marcus disobeyed a direct order and even knocked out his superior to go and help his dad. In doing do, the Cogs lost their capital. Marcus was put in court and found guilty. He would have been executed if it wasn’t for his previous heroics during the Pendulum Wars. Marcus was sentenced to 40 years in prison. This may be the journey we take in the new game as we watch Marcus go from war hero to sentenced prisoner.

Here is part of the entry for this timeframe from the Gears of War Wikia:

Ten years after E-Day, the Locust finally attacked Ephyra city one of the few bastions of cities that the COG controlled, Marcus Fenix and his squad where defending their position from the Locust Horde and heard that his father Adam Fenix requested aid from his father. Marcus disobeyed orders from Colonel Victor Hoffman himself and even punched him out. Abandoning his position and took the Hammer of Dawn with him, Marcus returned to the Fenix Estate, where during a battle for the estate, his father was buried underneath the rubbles caused by a King Raven crashing into the estate on an attempt to escort them. Because of the actions of Marcus Fenix, the COG capital of Ephyra was lost to the Locust Horde and the COG relocated to Jacinto City. Marcus Fenix was court-martialed for cowardice and failure to obey orders, and only narrowly avoided execution due to his two exemplary tours of duty in the Pendulum Wars and (secretly) Prescott intervening to keep Adam happy. Dominic Santiago testified for him, but to no avail. He was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, where he was prisoner number 098356-GX.

It isn’t until the beginning of Gears of War 1 do we see Marcus broken out of jail to help fight in the Lightmass Offensive. Gears has a ton of story to it and if you read about it, you’ll find that it’s more then just a steroid-injected shooter. There is a lot going on with war after war. There is more to Marcus’ character then what is shown in the games. It’s a shame that all this character development happens in novels and comics rather then the more interactive and visual gaming aspect of the series.

Below is the Game Informer cover. Click on the picture for a larger size.