Dark Legends

Dark Legends is a mix of RPG and arcade action. Some vampires have a need to kick ass, and these are definitely the ones you’ll find in this game. This is a Free-to-Play game, so there is of course a premium currency you can buy and also an energy resource that you spend by finishing quests and that you must refill either with platinum or by letting time pass. While this may seem like a bad thing, because this is a mobile-based game, it might not be an issue for most players because they may not spend long periods of time on the game all at once. If you’re playing it on Google Chrome, this makes the game less fun, but only the really long timers (like the 24 hour ones!) really get in the way of playing.

Your ultimate quest is vengeance on the hunters who killed your maker, but there are a ton of things to do before that. After making a male or female vamp, you embark on missions in different zones, like Kain’s Crest, The Old District and Gallows Alley Slum. Each of these zones has roughly 13-17 missions in each one. The first has you dealing with a zombie outbreak and figuring out who’s behind it. Each zone is a little bit of an increase in difficulty, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, depending on what your equipment is like.

A vampire game is only as good as the atmosphere created by the sound, locations and look of the vamps themselves. Soundwise, the music is typical “scary” videogame fare, though it’s well done enough that it never becomes annoying. Voice acting is limited, only the main NPC’s that sell things have voices.

Locations vary a good deal. The graveyards, old mansions, and city streets through which your vamp wanders and fights look good. Destroyable objects that give gold are always fun to see, and Dark Legends makes ample use of them. My favorite levels were the more interesting ones, like the rooftop where you cross between buildings on boards.

Vampire District, where you end up visiting a lot between missions, is the most well-rendered environment. Here you can buy blood packs (they act like health potions), check for weapon and gem upgrades in the auction house, put things in your bank, or just hang out at the bar and chat with other players. You can also start a guild of your own and build a guildhouse for it.

The graphics in general are good. This is a game designed for mobile play, so the graphics don’t have to be super detailed because most of that work would be lost on the small screen. Vamps have four faces to choose from, a few hairstyles but because the choices are so limited, you’ll end up seeing a lot of clones of your own character. The starting outfits aren’t all that inspired or fearsome, though the ones you can buy with platinum look a lot cooler.

Feeding Time!

The quest setup is kind of interesting. You’ll start in Kain’s Crest, hunting zombies and trying to find out who’s responsible for creating them. Some quests are just an onscreen animation with a wait timer for the quest to finish. Others are arcade style fighting levels, with a variety of monsters and mini bosses to destroy. These ones you can do solo or join a group to play through, something that makes for a great amount of fun if you have friends playing in the game.

One interesting addition to the game is the Feeding mechanism, represented by a vampire skull. The more enemies you kill, the more full the vampire skull gets, until its mouth is fully open, and it’s time to FEED! You press the skull and jump on an enemy to drain their blood and fill up your own life. This is a good way to remind the player that they’re a vampire and to make another health rejuvenator instead of just blood packs.

Monsters and chests and breakable items drop gold and weapons or vampire enhancing gems of varying rarities. I’ve already got a legendary weapon and quite a few green gems, so the game is generous with its treasures. The missions are fun. Wreaking havoc on zombies and vampires and hunters and demons is always a good time.

Dark Legends is uncomplicated fun, with enough MMO/RPG elements thrown in that it feels like a complete game, if one that’s a bit stripped down. It ends up being pretty addictive, even if, or maybe because, the timers make you play it in sessions rather than all at once. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got monsters to slay.


Dark Legends – Leviathyn

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