Blizzard’s Korean office raided by Korean government

Blizzard just keeps getting heat as the days go by. Based on customer claims that Blizzard is refusing to refund Diablo 3 to eligible Korean players, the Korean Federal Trade Commission raided Blizzard’s Seoul office on Monday.

According to the FTC, there’s an actual reason it did that. The FTC suspects Blizzard of general foul play. More specifically, it suspects Blizzard of violating Korean law on electronic commerce and commercial contracts, with documents and other evidence relevant to the investigation gathered in the raid. As for that refund, we all know about Diablo 3‘s server issues at launch. Some frustrated Korean players asked for refunds, with Blizzard denied, citing its sales contract terms. This, in the FTC’s eyes, is disadvantageous to players.

According to FTC spokesman Kim Hyung-bae, “We have received many complaints from Diablo 3 users.” The FTC is also investigating whether Blizzard should be held liable for its “ill-preparation,” in regards to player traffic.

Try saying the FTC spokesman’s name three times fast. I certainly can’t. For the Diablo 3 players among you, were the launch day problems with the game enough to warrant a refund, or did you stick through with it?


Source: Joystiq