Among the Sleep (2)

Among the Sleep is a new, unique horror game

Whether you’re a Silent Hill or Dead Space fan, or a fan of the many horror games in between, no horror game has been as atypical as this horror title from Norwegian developer Krillbite Studio. Titled Among the Sleep, what makes this horror game different from any other horror game before it? Well, for one, it places you in control of a two-year-old.

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror game that presents a world full of childlike imagination and terror. You play as a child who, accompanied by his faithful teddy bear, must survive all these nightmares happening around him. The general atmosphere, as well as listening to the breathing of the child in the trailer, makes this horror game one to keep an eye on. I’ll certainly be monitoring the progress of Among the Sleep, and if you want to do the same, please go to the Krillbite blog. Watch the trailer down below, too.

Look for Among the Sleep to launch for PC and Mac sometime next year.

Source: Game Informer


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