WWE ’13 Officialy Announced

Publisher THQ, under newly minted president Jason Rubin, officially announced WWWWE   ’13 today, ending any speculation that they would just stop.  In all seriousness, THQ and developer Yuke’s are promising big changes, particularly to the lackluster Road to WrestleMania mode.  WWE ’13 is currently targeting an October 30th release date.

In addition to an overhauled story and enhanced game mechanics, the game’s timeline is switching once again.  WWE ’13 will take place mainly in the Attitude era of the WWE, and will feature a number of superstarts from that time period.  Grapplers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Kurt Angle were ruling the ring back then, and many consider it as one of the Golden Ages of pro wrestling; THQ is hoping that they can capture that magic.

WWE ’12 was touted as a savior for the franchises, but was received with mediocre reviews and ho-hum sales numbers.  I was a fan of wrestling during the Attitude era, but have long since lost interest.  What are your thoughts about the new WWE game experience?

Check out the trailer: