Sony To Buy Gaikai, Possibly No PS4?

Title sounds stupid, right? No way in hell Sony won’t come out with a next gen console. Correct? Well, I’m in the same camp as you. However, words from Gaikai’s Chief Product Officer back in January could mean something now that it seems likely that Sony will be buying the gaming cloud business.

Nanea Reeves said this back in January:

“Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

Does that mean no PS4? Not entirely. She doesn’t work at Sony and until I hear those words from Kaz, I wouldn’t believe it. However, the buyout by Sony seems more and more likely. Let’s look at how:

  1. Gaikai’s WHOIS information is currently being proxied and set to expire on July 13th, 2012. It doesn’t say “Gaikai, Inc.”. OnLive’s info is the same as it’s ever been. This means something is going on with the website’s ownership.
  2. Gaikai recently announced that they are adding Autodesk Scaleform middleware to help developers bring user interfaces to many different devices including TVs. Sony needs a lot of help in the TV department right now. Gaikai’s new upgrades could help them out with that.
  3. Gaikai works on mobile devices. Sony could make this work with the Vita bringing the streaming service to both PlayStation devices.
  4. One of Gaikai’s members of the advisory board is someone who has been involved in making deals with Sony.
  5. Gaikai is already confirmed to be at E3 for a huge announcement. OnLive hasn’t confirmed anything.
  6. OnLive is very into their home console streaming device. Hard to see them scrapping that in the middle of a huge push.

Bringing no next gen system out is a very risky thing to do. While the PS3 remains very powerful, it would be very hard to not imagine a PS4 in the makings. If Ms. Reeves is correct then Sony will be banking on the power of the PS3 to keep it rolling into the next gen. One has to wonder if the PS3 can handle the new Unreal Engine 4. It is interesting to think about, actually. If Sony banks on the PS3 to continue and fight against the Wii U and 720, this could actually work out. The PS3 is cheap right now and with every passing year Sony is making more off of it. The company is in financial disarray and spending all that money on a new gen system just to continue taking losses must sound a bit hurtful right now to the board of directors.

If the PS3 can still contend with the upcoming generation, is it that hard to believe that Sony will keep the current gameplan rolling? We’re so used to seeing new hardware every so often that we think it’s impossible not to see a huge reveal at E3 either this year or next. Games like Uncharted make the PS3 seem so powerful. The only thing we have to go on is a video of Unreal Engine 4 for “next gen”. While we look at things like Kara which is meant to be used on the PS3. Is there really a need for a PS4? Can Sony skip out on the prices and undercut the competition? Will the PS3 upgrade itself via updates to continue competing?

A lot of questions that may not even be answered this year. Either way, the attention is arguably all on Sony. With the Vita expected to have a huge blowout this E3 and this rumored buyout, all corners of Sony and PlayStation are buzzing. I guess we’ll hear what Gaikai has to say at E3.

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  1. tanto

    The ps4 is in dev and has a physical media……..thats coming right from the wall street journal

    this is just rumor filth

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