Six Possible Diablo 3 Expansion Questlines

I’ll start off by saying, this is pure speculation on my part. After having beaten the main quest, listened to all the dialogue, most of the tomes, and read the Book of Cain I’ve come up with some interesting angles that the story can take. We’re obviously not done with Diablo 3. We’ve seen Blizzard at many times talk about Inferno mode being for levels 60+. We know some of the monsters in Inferno go over the level cap but it is almost plain as day that they are referring to players levels.

There are many tales left unfinished after we beat Act IV. Enough that we could even see Act X before Blizzard is all said and done. This contains massive spoilers for the main quest Diablo 3, some novels, and a lot of what you’ll see in the Book of Cain. Do not continue reading if you have’t beaten the game and/or wish to read a lot.

Spoiler Alert



Act V: Templar Purge

Kormac’s faith has been shaken to the core. Not in the light, but of the Order he felt so attached to. Learning of why Jondar turned on the Templars, Kormac sets out to rid the Order of the dark Inquisitors and their plans to utilize Angelic weaponry to fuel their crusade. Following the companion, our heroes make their way toward Westmarch and find out that the Inquisitors aren’t the only dark thing in Westmarch.

Enemy: Lucion, Leader of the Triune Cult. He has taken over the Inquisitors and corrupted the Grand Maester of the Templar Order. He plans to conquer using the powerful weapons he is placing in the hands of mortals.


Act VI: Kingsport’s Burning

Lyndon receives word that his brother is in serious dangerous back in Kingsport. The scoundrel asks for help in finally rescuing him from the Thieve’s Guild and his suffering.  The Guild has seemed to turn a wandering eye towards you as you make your way to the bustling city. The path is littered with foes and there is something hidden in the dark. The city burns and demonic creatures roam the streets. Interesting yet, the thieves are working alongside them.

Enemy: Kabraxis, Banisher of the Light. When Darrick’s Stormfury is stolen by the Thieve’s Guild, Kabraxis takes control of his body and begins to wreck havoc on the city while giving power to the Thieve’s Guild who aided his return.


Act VII: Valor Unleashed

A spirit has not left the High Heavens. Since the invasion by Diablo, a sweeping darkness remains hidden as the glorious spires and elegance return to the realm. Imperius has kept a constant watch over the Heavens as he can feel the presence of something still lingering. One day when the Angiris Council convene, the Archangel of Valor is no where to be found. A terrible explosion rocks the High Heavens as the demonic shroud begins to creep back up from the shadows. Our heroes return after a calling from Tyrael, the new aspect of Wisdom.

Enemy: Malthiel, ex-Archangel of Wisdom. He has turned due to his continuing trance into morbidity. Diablo’s lingering presence in the realm clung to the angel and is now using him as a vessel for evil.


Act VIII: Dirgest’s Jewel

Covetous Shen has located the jewel he has sought for so long. Our heroes must wrest control of the jewel off of a barbarian tribe leader who has become corrupted by the spirit of Dirgest. Slowly, the demon is releasing trapped spirits into the bodies of the barbarian’s closest confidants and infecting other tribes. Dirgest must be stopped before the entire barbarian horde is under his control. At that point, who could stop the rampage of these broken warriors?

Enemy: Dirgest. Not much is known about this creature other then what Shen tells us.

Act IX: Adria & The Black Soulstone

The betraying witch is still at large. Diablo sent her away right at the end of Act III. Not only that, but the Black Soulstone, filled with 6 demon lord souls, is still out there as well. Who else would be searching it for then the treacherous Adria? She sacrificed her own daughter to bring her master back into the world. She is the sole reason as to why things really tipped off the deep end in Diablo 3. Our heroes would have to stop her and gain possession of the Black Soulstone once again in order to destroy it for good.

Enemy: Lilith, Matriarch of Demons. Adria reveals herself to be Lilith, the mother of the nephalem. After finally bringing her master back to life using Leah, she left to return back to exile. She now seeks the Black Soulstone for herself.


Act X: Hell’s End

With the Black Soulstone back in our hands, we’re tasked with returning once again to the Pandemonium Fortress and entering the Realm of Destruction in Hell. There we seek the Hellforge to destroy the demonic lords once and for all. However, the remaining lieutenants of the Burning Hells have banded together to stop you. Spearheaded by an unknown but powerful evil, this last twisted bastion is all that stands between you and ushering in the peace that Sanctuary seeks.

Enemy: Diablo, the Lord of Terror. As lore readers already know, the only way to trap a demonic lord is to imprison it within a soulstone. Diablo’s corpse at the end of the game was not trapped. It disintegrated and went back to the Burning Hells. He has returned in a semi-complete form to exact his revenge and steal back the Black Soulstone before the heroes can destroy it.


Once again, this is all speculation. I’ve read through so much Diablo lore lately that I kept thinking of how they could go about this. Will they do straight up expansion packs or will we see Acts come in as DLC? DC Universe Online does DLC packs and they work pretty well. You can use them to add new story, areas, bosses, levels, and items. If Blizzard goes about the Expansion Pack way, then I could see Act VII as I described being the first one. The second and final expansion would be Acts IX and X.  This leaves the companion and crafter Acts as shorter DLC add-ons.

All-in-all, I could be completely wrong here, close enough, or right on. The fun thing is thinking about where Diablo’s story could go from here. The story isn’t done but it is close. I can’t say that I see a Diablo 4 ever making it without a really off story. Most of the events in the main Diablo 3 quest and what may happen with expansions or DLC could wrap up most of what’s going on if not all of it. I’m done speculating for now but if you have any thoughts or wishes on what to see next, share below. I greatly enjoy lore talk.

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  1. Lachlan Knibb

    Well thought out, dude. Some good observations here. These all seem pretty feasible.

  2. zauxst

    A lot of people sayed that they will go for 2 expansions, and the same people also say that they have made it public in some press release or what ever… And come to think of it… all of Blizzard games have expansions, why won’t this one have an expansion as well?

  3. t

    Pretty sure the black soulstone with the souls of the demon lords was absorbed into Leah to make Diablo the one prime evil so it shouldn’t exist anymore but since Adria is still around I would say that is the most likely expansion

  4. Arnes Semenov

    Some of these ideas are great considering that we have heard so much about the followers and their backstory. It remains the strongest aspect of the game to me.

    As for Adria being Lilith sounds plausible but unlikely? Unless she somehow is a vessel for Lilith or that she will awaken Lilith sounds legit to me yeah.

    Fighting Diablo again? Question, can you imagen Diablo without a vessel?
    Did Azmodan have a vessel? If not then i would gladly want to see Diablo’s true nature instead of using a vessel.

  5. hellmittens

    Good ideas, though I do see Imperius becoming a villain, with his wrath and all (wrath being a sin, he might even be the lord of wrath for all we know, plus his diablo injury and his spear of valor broken). Malthaeal was mentioned in dialogue somewhere “knowing” that he would rule heaven. Perhaps they introduce the abyss as a playable realm somehow, perhaps to save leah’s soul. Also, remember that the arch may have been corrupted by diablo, and the whole disharmony in the “music” thing. Plus 5 sin lords remain at large. Lots of possibilities.

  6. monkey

    i like the ideas you have and i doalso agree with “hellmittens” there are still 5 lords to incorperate with your theories. i do believe however that this will be the last diablo only do to the fact that its not possible to make a full game with whats left in he story.
    i would like to see the Expansions come as acts just because i think it would help break the monotamy that tends to build as you are playing through all the dificulties and it would add enough to keep ppls interests up.

  7. Connor

    Awesome Ideas. Although theres probably a 2% chance blizzard would consider using these, It would be nice to see some extended storyline.

  8. Mars

    I’m not sure about fighting Diablo in the last act. I mean, in act 4 he’s the embodiment of ALL the lords of hell, meaning we didn’t really fight Diablo alone. Diablo would have to have gained more power somehow, or else it would be weird if Diablo alone > Diablo + 6 lords of hell.

    Just a small thing I saw and I’m sure you considered the paradox, but otherwise great predictions. Do you think their will be anything on the sorceress?

    • 赤琺士

      As far as I know that part of the game isn’t considered as the lore as far as I know
      But I agree with you. I don’t think Adria being lilith would be plausible.
      She should have here own stand with Inarius.(chuckle)

  9. Lost Ninja

    Black Soul stone only has Leah’s soul in it (think one of the NPCs says something to this end), certainly Shen says he thinks her soul is powerful enough to survive.

    Adria isn’t Lilith (Lilith being a good guy (gal)).

    My money for 1st expac is an expansion of Shen’s Dirgest Jewel plotline, and a search for the black soulstone, which the player wants to ressurect/etc Leah.

    End boss being Dirgest who could eat the whole world if he escapes from his prison… which in a moment of madness the player will have caused… 😀

  10. d3fan

    i think another good ending plot would be to see the prime evil appear in its true form, the 7 headed dragon Tathamet that split into the 7 prime evils we see in diablo 2 and 3

  11. Deadlysin

    Does anyone else want to see a classic Diablo version where you just keep going down down into the pits of hell. Or what about expanding on the last two acts there seemed to be alot more they could have done in heaven or with the armies of hell on earth.

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