Quick Reference: Level Ranges for Diablo 3’s Difficulty Settings and Secret Level

I see a lot of people asking on the forums and other sites about what level they should when they start Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. I also see people asking the same thing about Whimsyshire, the game’s secret level. However, I mostly see a lot of Google searches coming into the site looking for “what level should I be to start ____ in Diablo 3”.

To be honest, the game sort of tells you by progress of what level you should be heading into a harder difficulty. If you search through all the maps from corner to corner before moving on and if you get disconnected redo the map you were on, you should be at perfect level to move on. Now, this is sort of true for Inferno. You may have to farm a bit on Act IV Hell or just keep exiting and resuming starter areas on Act I Inferno. If you can safely get through Act IV of the last difficulty you just beat, you’re ready to move on.

Without further ado, these are the level ranges at which you should be to begin moving further in your quest to subdue evil:


Normal: 1-30
Whimsyshire: 30-35

Nightmare: 30-50
Whimsyshire: 50

Hell: 50-60
Whimsyshire: 60

Inferno: 60

  • Be sure you can finish Act IV Hell without a problem.
  • Upgrade all your gear that you can afford.
  • Your rings and amulet should focus on Attack Speed increases.
  • Check forums and D3 blogs for builds to focus on survivability.
  • Be ready to kite.

Inferno is much, much harder then Hell. The rare/champion combinations are much more harsher. I hope this quick reference helps everyone get their questions answered on when to proceed.


Note: that picture up there is my Witch Doctor. 🙂