PC Gaming with the Basics

My friends are always pointing out the fact that I play my games on a laptop. While I wish I had the money for an elite gaming PC the fact of the matter is, I’m a student. And that means that the computer of my dreams is going to stay in my dreams for a while. Even though I’m playing new releases with my laptop I proudly consider myself a PC gamer.

There is a PC gaming stereotype. These are the people that swear computer games will always triumph over their console brethren. They also swear that if you want to be a PC gamer you have to have an expensive gaming computer. I disagree with both.

I play video games on the same computer I write my articles on, which is the same computer I do my homework and surf the internet on. I got my HP Pavilion laptop online last summer at a great price. After doing my research, finding some coupons, and getting my mail in rebate I scored a $750 computer for $500. I was able to customize the laptop and add a little extra RAM and memory while keeping the costs down. I don’t have an amped up graphics card, or a nice monitor. Hell, I usually don’t even have a mouse. I use just the basics.

I play MMORPGs and Strategy games sitting on my couch using this $500 laptop and a touch pad. I’ve perfected the art of PC gaming without a mouse. I have one on my desk, but if I’m not sitting there I’d rather just play without it. For the computer game community it’s almost like my gaming behavior is hearsay. On more than one occasion I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be playing video games in the middle of an MMO.

The fact of the matter is I am a great gamer. I have fun playing video games, but I also take my video gaming seriously. I play a host of MMORPGs from behind my laptop and contend with the people who spent 10x as much money on their setups. There are limits to my gaming abilities. I usually have to run new releases at average, or below average graphics. I tend to lower the graphics more than I have to because I need the speed to compete with other gamers.

But besides the graphic difference, my experience is exactly the same as every other computer gamer out there. I’m not losing out on the story, or the gameplay. Graphics are important, but they aren’t worth spending thousands of dollars to me right now. The graphics are only a small part of what makes a good game. I have as great of a time playing video games on my laptop as everyone else does on their desktops. Arguably it’s even better because I can enjoy computer games from the comfort of my couch or the toilet.

The snobbery within the PC gaming world is astounding. People are always comparing their graphics cards and RAM, trying to one up each other as if it is a competition. And while I understand being proud of your machine, it’s not the size of the tool; it’s how you use it. While it’d be cool to have a top of the line gaming computer, it’s by no means necessary. It’s time for gamers to realize that PC gaming is just as fun and honorable using a super basic set-up.

When it comes down to it, I’m proud to be a PC gamer. I’m also proud of the fact that I can enjoy computer games using my laptop. I have an Xbox 360 that I use every day. It has a ton of games that I’m a diehard fan for, let alone the fact that it easily connects my Netflix to the TV.  But my computer game library is much more populated than my Xbox collection. My set-up isn’t the top of the line, it’s quite the opposite. But even so, I know that I enjoy playing my games and I can still contend with the best out there. Even if I am just using my laptop and its touchpad.

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