Jason Rubin In As New THQ President

Jason Rubin, co-founder of superstar development team Naughty Dog, has taken over as president of the beleaguered company.  Rubin, who helped create such franchises as Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted, has a deal of work ahead of him, and hopes to overcome last year $240 million loss.

Former president Danny Bilson and Senior V.P of Core Studies Dave Davis both stepped down from their positions, and have handed the reains to Rubin.  He’ll have full control of the company’s new direction, and THQ is banking that he can work his magic and bring the juggernaut publisher back to the forefront of the industry.

While titles like Saints Row: The Third, Darksiders and Metro were critically acclaimed, and even managed to move a few copies, the disastrous uDraw tablet and recent deficit have put the company in an unenviable position.  Upcoming sequels of Darksiders, Metro and Company of Heroes are looking nice, but a new IP will probably be the best way for Rubin to make a splash.  Naughty Dog had a knack for creating great franchises under his leadership, and seeing how he handles this new challenge should make for an interesting storyline.

Do you think that lightning could strike twice, or is THQ grasping at straws here?  What do you think the future is for THQ, and all its franchises?  Rubin is either going to be a celebrated savior, or an unfortunate scapegoat.  I’m hoping for the former.