Sometimes It Isn’t About How You Got Hacked So Much As How The Company Responds

Diablo 3 has had a very rough launch. With server woes, imbalance issues, itemization problems, and hacked accounts all over the place Blizzard has their work cut out for them. The general chat is littered with gold farming bots spamming offers and website links. The Real Money Auction House has been delayed to unspecified date. Finally, to add another piece to the puzzle, Blizzard’s new patch that rolled out today as well as many hotfixes said that the connectivity issues should be straightened out in some aspects. However, it seems the game’s authentication servers aren’t working correctly. Having tried myself just recently, I was greeted by the already infamous Error 37 code. The irony here is palpable.

We already know how hard Blizzard is working at fixing these issues but it seems that with all the bug squashing and hotfixes they have lost sight of their normally wonderful customer service. I, for one, have never been effected by bad customer service from Blizzard. They have always been prompt and on time for me. I know many others have had other experiences. Four days ago, a friend of mine was hacked on Diablo 3. Now, before you get up in arms, I’m not writing this to accuse Blizzard of messing up anything or blaming the hack on them. To be quiet honest, none of us have a clue on how he got hacked. I know the guy pretty well and can safely say that he does not venture into shady websites or use gold farming services. I, myself, helped him with his computer when building it and know that he constantly uses AVG, Spybot, and such services. In fact, the only things I ever see him do on this computer is load up Ventrilo, some game, and some gaming news websites.

The issue here that I am bringing up is how Blizzard has treated my friend since he initiated communication with their customer service team. I’ve seen this go on first hand and am a bit appalled by the response he has seen. As I’ve said, I have nothing but good things to say about Blizzard’s customer service. That is why I am so surprised that this is going on. I asked my friend to write up a summary of his hacking and the journey he’s been through these past four days. Here it is in full:


My account was hacked 4 days ago and I had/have an authenticator on my account, I submitted a ticket and called the 1-800 number. It took over 24 hours to hear back from them about it, they told me to add an authenticator to my account and that they were going to roll back my account to the point before the hack. I was told that it would take 6 to 12 hours for this to happen. That was 3 days ago, since then I’ve called six times on sunday got disconnected by them because there queue was “full”  and they could not take my call at this time. After that I called again and got into a queue of five minutes which was actually two hours and fifteen minutes before they disconnected me again! Yesterday was memorial day so I didn’t call. I called today 6 more times before i got into a queue which lasted four hours and fifteen minutes before they disconnected me again. I also responded in email to the ticket everyday. I was told that any progress I made between the hack and when they rollback my account would be lost, so I’ve been completely unable to play the game for 4 days now. I’m frustrated at the fact that I have the authenticator and still was hacked and they have done nothing to fix this problem and still can not play the game.

My friends have all passed me up now in game, and I’m starting to regret even purchasing the game. Is this how Blizzard intends to deal with everyone that has problems with Diablo 3? Do I need to purchase a WoW subscription before I receive any attention? I’m fully aware that this is not the proper place for this problem, but I’m being ignored in all of the proper places, so what am I supposed to do?

Now, I understand there are many ways that people are theorizing on how these hacks are happening. I’m not here to comment on that. What I want to say is that having told a customer a time frame like “6-12 hours” for completion of the rollback and having that customer still waiting three days later is just wrong. It isn’t how customer service should be done. This applies to every business. Not just Blizzard. If the Memorial Day weekend had brought the number of staff on duty down, he should not have been given a time frame. It would have been easier to swallow being told that due to the holiday it may be impossible for them to get to his issue this weekend. However, with a time frame given my friend had sat on the phone and scanning his e-mails for days.

We all play Diablo 3 together. We have multiplayer characters and we have ones that we enjoy playing alone with. My Wizard was playing with his Demon Hunter. We’re both level 41 and sitting in the middle of Act II on Nightmare. In order to continue enjoying the game, I progressed with my Witch Doctor (which was still in Act III normal) while he waited for Blizzard to help him. I’m now in Act II on Hell at level 54. It isn’t just me, either. My other friends have all past him in progress. I can understand his frustration and feeling like you are so behind. It is the same as falling behind in an MMO that you are playing with your friends. You don’t want to impede on them enjoying the game so you watch as they progress further and further. Finally, when you’re able to play again you feel a sense of “why bother”?

I truly hope Blizzard can sort this out for him. I know he enjoys the game and it was a sad thing to see a company of which I back fully and tend to defend treat a paying customer like this. This isn’t a World of Warcraft Annual Pass copy of Diablo 3. This is a $60 retail copy bought from a nearby GameStop. Hopefully everything gets fixed and he’ll be back in full demon slaying form and ready to help me through Inferno. No way am I doing that beast alone.


Update: My friend was able to get through and ask for the manager right away. The manager wanted him to submit another ticket with another estimated “6-12 hours” wait time. After some talk, they expedited his issue and got it resolved. Good thing he didn’t have to wait for more time after being held up for three days. All is well. Here’s to hoping all others affected are resolved soon enough.