Raptr is at it again! Lost Saga Rewards are up

Lost Saga, a new free-to-play MMO from OG Planet has been making some great waves in the review world, especially this one from MMOHut. This 3D fighter is partnering up with Raptr to provide some sweet rewards for players. Check out the details and the official rules page for details:

Lost Saga Starter Pack

Requirement: Newbie or above in Lost Saga

Get an early advantage in the free-to-play fighting MMO Lost Saga with our Starter Pack! The Pack grants you item upgrades and even an extra hero.

Download the game for free here.

The Starter Pack includes:
Treasure Capsule X2 – Two random goodies selected from a wide range of bonus items, tokens, upgrades, and more
Hero Scroll – Temporarily add one of the 40+ Lost Saga heroes to your roster

Don’t stop playing! We have 4 more rewards you can unlock after this one including boosts, peso, and other in-game items!

Lost Saga earned a “Great” rating from MMOHut (and 4/5 based on user reviews). The game brings together dozens of fantasy heroes in a frenetic battle royale, and features:
– 22 maps (20 of which offer multiple layouts)
– 11 battle modes
– Upgradeable hero skills and gear
– The option to swap heroes mid-battle