Predator pistol

Mass Effect Predator Pistol Replica Looks Really Awesome

After the successful initial run of the M-8 Assault Rifle, Triforce (the company, not the person) decided it was about time to release another Mass Effect weapon. This time, however, the weapon of choice is the Predator pistol. If anything, it sure as hell looks like the pistol from the game. I mean, look at those LED lights!

Check out Triforce’s website here. Pre-orders for the Mass Effect 3 Predator pistol start tomorrow, so make sure to perfect those “pew-pew” sound effects. Before you ask, yes, the M-8 Assault Rifle is out of stock. However, much like with the rifle, your order could be confiscated. For the M-8 Assault Rifle, the site offered this warning:

Due to the nature of this item, international shipments could be confiscated by your Customs Agency and cannot be refunded. Please use caution before ordering.”

Of course, the product page for the Predator pistol isn’t up yet, so we at Leviathyn don’t really know if the same warning will be issued, but use common sense, people: don’t bring this to an airport.

By the way, that’ll be $400. Ouch.


Source: Gameinformer