Every Game I’ve Ever Beaten: Part 2

I’ve played a lot of games.  I’m no savant, but I would say I’ve indulged in more video games than even the average gamer, and don’t regret a minute of it.  But how many games have I beaten?  I asked myself this, and then set out to find the answer.  With the help of my shoddy-at-best memory, Wikipedia and a few phone calls to friends and family, things are starting to become a little clearer.  I present to you one man’s journey through a video game career.

The early days were nice, but the Genesis/SNES console generation was the, ahem, genesis of my addiction.  The number of games I defeated rose substantially from the NES days, yet at the same time games were becoming more and more complex.  RPGs moved to the forefront of my attention, and the seed was planted for my love of sports games as well.

This is part two of my gaming accomplishments.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out part one, which chronicles my NES exploits as well as the obscure 3DO, and Pokémon Blue.

Genesis:  Genesis didn’t have quite the variety that the SNES had, but it had quality in spades.  There are so many good games on this list; not to mention the hundreds I never beat or can’t remember.  If you have never heard of Chaken: The Forever Man, go find a way to play it right now.  That game was SO sweet.  I was a huge Toe Jam & Real fan, especially the first one.  Me and my brother probably put a thousand hours into that game.

Of course everyone knows that Mortal Kombat was better on the Genesis.  I’m pretty sure Road Rash was the first game I beat on it, and I know it was the game that got me hooked.  For sheer fun value though, nothing beat Haunting.  You played a poltergeist trying to scare a family out of their house, and it was fantastic.  Weird, but fantastic.

While I didn’t get as much Genesis time as I did SNES, it was such a great system.  I’ve always thought that was the best console war in history.

Beavis and Butthead

Chaken: The Forever Man

Earthworm Jim

Evander Holyfield’s “Real Deal” Boxing

Golden Axe

Haunting starring Polterguy

The Lost Vikings

Mortal Kombat

Mortal  Kombat II

Mutant League Football

Road Rash

Sonic The Hedgehog II

ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

Vectorman 2



SNES:  The SNES was easily the point when I became a hardcore gamer.  I’m pretty sure Mario Kart was the first game I played, but it could have been Super Mario World.  I know I was in third grade when I first placed my hands around that beautiful grey controller, and my life was never the same again.

The SNES, after the seed was planted with Final Fantasy, is really where I picked up my obsessive love with RPGs.  Breath of Fire, Lufia II, all three Final Fantasy’s here and the rest of the RPGs were my favorite titles.  Secret of Mana is probably my favorite game ever, and I’m more than a little fond of some of the stranger titles like Super Mario RPG and Harvest Moon, both games of which have lost none of their luster for me.

You can see that my love of Mega Man carried over from the Early Days, and I finally got to beat the other Nintendo heavies: Metroid and Zelda.  Link to the Pat was life changing for me, you know?  One stand-out is Nobunaga’s Ambition.  I actually picked it up recently, and I have no idea how my adolescent brain understood that game.  I still loved it, but it made college look easy seriously.

Brain Lord

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire II

Demon’s Crest

Donkey Kong Country III: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Harvest Moon

Illusion of Gaia

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Lost Vikings II

Lufia II: Rise of the SInistrals

Mario is Missing

Mega Man 7

Mega Man X

Mega Man X3

Metal Marines

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat II

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Lord of Darkness

Secret of Evermore

Secret of Mana

Sky Blazer

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario World

Super Mario World II: Yoshi’s Island

Super Metroid

Super Off-Road

TMNT IV: Turtles In Time


That brings the list up to 84 games, and we haven’t even left the cartridge era yet!  These two systems comprise such a huge part of my gaming past, and it is awesome to look back over a career and see what I’ve accomplished.  If you think this is extensive, wait til you see the N64/PS1 era list.

Have fond memories of any of these games, or have an impressive list yourself?  Drop us a line in the comment section!



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