Dust 514 Beta Registration Now Open

Dust is a First Person Shooter set directly within the EVE Online universe. Your character works for one of the massive interstellar corporations that populate New Eden, taking over the valuable planetary resources that the corporations need to keep everything running. Of course, there are other races and Corps trying to take them too, so you’ll have to make sure they all die so your employer can have them.

But Dust 514 doesn’t have normal FPS tactics, where the goal is to survive the longest and take out the most enemies. Since your character is effectively immortal, you can take chances and actions that would end a normal Shooter. These soldiers are the most ferocious to be found, then they are genetically enhanced and modified for fighting planetside. If you die on the field, then you just get thrown into another body and go back to the battlefield. Characters can be modified to fit the tactics of their players and also the changing situation of the battlefield. Players are protected by infantry dropsuits that come in many configurations, like Heavy and Assault, two that will probably be player favorites.

Since the soldiers are upgraded, so are the weapons that they use to take down their foes. Firepower is greater, as the characters can take more damage before dying and the increased weapon damage gives the players the chance to really mangle things, even if the attack ends up being suicidal. This focus on extreme weaponry gives players a chance to kick their destructive abilities up a notch.

CCP says that Dust 514 can support 24v24 matches in a single battle in a district on a planet, and there can be multiple battles on a planet happening simultaneously. There can also be battles in space around the planet in EVE Online, with gameplay between what is happening in space and on the planet surface all impacting each other in real time.

Dust 514 is only available for the PS3.