Deadlight: Zombie Survival Circa 1986

The world has suffered a zombie apocalypse and now Randall Wayne must survive in a world filled with enemies, both undead and alive. Deadlight is set in the 80’s, a decade where its predecessor side-scrolling platformers like Prince of Persia ruled the videogame landscape. In the best of those games, the world was as much a character as the enemies and the player. Tequila Works set the game in 1986 for other reasons as well. That was a time before cell phones and the internet, so Randall is truly alone in the bleak landscape of the game.

 Gameplay is also set to ‘throwback mode’ by limiting the number of buttons used to control Randall. This isn’t a kick all the zombie’s asses and win kind of scenario, each attack on an enemy tires Randall and makes him vulnerable to other enemies. Much of the game will be about avoiding zombies or using the environment to crush, block and otherwise evade them.

 The best zombie games are not just about the zombies though, there has to be human interaction to show how the world is dealing with the apocalypse. Randall does encounter other people, both as enemies and as allies, but he’s still essentially one man running through a shattered landscape trying to survive.

 Tequila Works has put a lot of development time into the world, making collectible objects and creating pop culture things like the handheld console games so popular in the 80’s. These artifacts can be found in various places Randall visits, reminding him of the world he once knew that’s now gone.

 Deadlight is an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade title due in summer 2012.

Hopefully Tequila Works will widen that circle eventually with versions for other consoles and PC.