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10 Video Game Foods I Want to Try

So many video games have food. Usually it acts as a health potion, or gives your character some kind of in game bonus. Regardless of the in-game benefits today I’ve listed (in no particular order) 10 Video Game Foods I’d like to try.

Nuka Cola (Fallout)

Nuka Cola from the Fallout series is the one of two drinks that made the list. Yeah, it looks, and probably tastes a lot like other colas I’ve tried. But there is something that seems so refreshing about raiding an old Nuka Cola machine to find a single cold one at the bottom. Alright, it’s probably not cold, and probably not carbonated. Still I’m interested in seeing if a little radiation adds some flavor.

Black Forest Cake (Portal)

How could the Portal Cake not make the list? Is it a lie? I hope not, because I would love a slice. The inspiration for the cake came from the window of a bakery nearby the developer’s studio. Apparently it is the one that looked the tastiest. And if the cake looked so good that Valve added it to Portal, then it must have looked really really good. Interestingly enough, the recipe for this cake is hidden within the coding for the game. So if you have some free time and want to make this cake in real life you know where to find directions.

Cake (Minecraft)

I’m not a big sweets person, but I couldn’t resist adding a  second cake to the list. In Minecraft it’s defiantly the most complicated food to make. It takes iron to make buckets, cows to milk, seeds to grow, wheat to harvest, chickens for eggs, sugarcane for sugar… But the end result is the yummiest block cake that I’ve ever seen. Eating this cake could be a reality. Gourmet Gaming, a video game recipe blog, has a recipe for this treat along with recipes for the Heart Stopper and Sweet Rolls below.

Lon Lon Milk (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

I don’t ever drink milk. My hippie mother raised me on soy and rice milk alternatives. I’ve tried to sip on a cold glass of milk with cookies before, but I just couldn’t do it. Regardless, I’d suck it up and guzzle down a glass of Lon Lon Milk from my favorite N64 game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It not only heals more health than red and blue potions, but it somehow fits two servings in one bottle. Combine Lon Lon Milk and Grandma’s Elixer Soup and you have yourself a damn fine meal.

Sweet Rolls (The Elder Scrolls)

There’s a lot of food spread throughout the Elder Scrolls series. But I think I’d stick with the sweet rolls and cakes over leaks and rat meat. The sweet rolls in Oblivion don’t have many bonuses that other food don’t have, they just look good sitting on the innkeeper’s desk. Sadly, while sweet rolls restore fatigue, resist disease and fortify your health, they also damage your personality. I guess you’re only supposed to eat a couple of these.

Heart Stopper (GTA 4)

You can’t order one in the game, but you sure do hear quite a few ads for them. The Heart Stopper is the everything burger from Grand Theft Auto 4. It’s seven pounds of meat and cheese could kill you mid meal, but what a great way to die. Rockstar was trying to make some kind of social commentary on how grossly big our fast food has gotten and I agree. But if these existed in real life you can bet I’d still be in the car right now on the way to order one.

Golden Brown Pizza (Dead Rising)

There’s nothing really special about this pizza. It’s crust, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings just like Pizza Hut or Dominos will deliver to your door. But there’s just something about the Golden Brown Pizza from Dead Rising that looks so good. Maybe it’s because I’m playing video games late at night while I’m craving a midnight snack. More likely, it’s because somehow Frank West can cook a large pizza to golden brown perfection in a microwave.

Crunchy Chick (Fable)

The quickest and most vile way to make your character evil in Fable is to eat Crunchy Chicks. What more evil food is there than raw, chirping baby birds. Their cuteness, however, couldn’t protect them from my evil character in the Fable. This isn’t really a dish I want to try, more of one that I want to see. I know that I couldn’t stomach eating life baby chickens, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little chicken sitting on a plate. The whole concept of the meal is funny to me.

Lobster Thermidor (The Sims)

You can only make it when your Sim has maxed out his cooking skill. But what better dish is there than lobster meat mixed with egg yolk and cognac baked in the oven covered with cheese. This classic French dish wasn’t invented in the Sims, but I don’t know where else to get it. Until I find a French restaurant that offers this delicacy I’ll just have to be content with my Sim enjoying it.

Mushrooms (Mario)

The number 1 video game food I want to try: the 1-Up mushroom. Throughout the Mario series we’ve seen quite a few different fungi, but the one that I want to try most is the extra life mushroom. What food is more exciting, or rewarding than a mushroom that gives you another life. I’m sure if these existed in real life I wouldn’t want to be the only one looking for them.


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