Where Can I find Indie Games?

So you’ve found a couple of indie games and you enjoyed them. Maybe you got them from a friend’s recommendation, or you saw a review for it on your favorite gaming blog. There’s a huge appeal to indie games. They are revolutionizing the gaming industry with not just their content, but also their delivery and price. But where can you find more indie games? They’re made by independent developers, so they aren’t going to have the marketing or press of a major developer game. Below I’ve compiled the places where I find my indie games so you can find more indie games, too.


Steam is probably the way most people find indie games. With over 4 million users logging on daily, indie games that are offered on Steam can get the attention of major titles. I can’t think of how many indie games that I’ve downloaded off of Steam because they looked interesting and cost less than 10 dollars. It’s also an extremely convenient source for me because I’m always using Steam to play my games.

But the problem with Steam is that it doesn’t have a big selection of indie games. Sure, it has an indie game section, and I wouldn’t have found some of the indie games out there without Steam. But Steam isn’t made to market indie games; it’s made to sell blockbuster titles. So keep your eye on Steam for indie games, but if you’re serious about finding indie titles Steam can’t be your only source.


GamersGate is a company much like Steam. From their website customers have the ability to download a combination of big titles and indie games. Unlike Steam, however, GamersGate puts more emphasis on their indie game library. Not only do they have a much bigger selection of games, but they feature them better, too. It’s not just the big releases that have front page advertisements, a lot of the time it’s filled completely with high rated indie games.

GamersGate is a great way to find really well made indie games. It also has a large category of Mac compatible games. It also does not require a client download, so you can buy games directly from the website with no hassle. This is a great place to look for indie titles, especially if you don’t want to have to download another gaming client.


If you’re serious about finding indie games Desura should be your first stop. The downloadable client is made completely for indie gamers and modders. You won’t find big developer’s titles on this site; you’ll find small indie studio games along with amateur game creators. There are a lot of games on Desura that wouldn’t make it onto Steam/GamersGate.

Not only does it host a huge amount of daily updated games, it also is a great place to download tons of free mods for other games. Every big name game that has come out has a huge list of available content. It probably has one of the most expansive indie game libraries on the internet. Desura also has a very helpful and active community. It’s a great place for both indie developers and indie players.

Indie Blogs

There are quite a few indie gaming blogs out there. Desura has an indie gaming blog that is constantly being updated with new titles and news. Another good blog is indiegames.com. All of these blogs have writers who are working hard to review the latest indie games. These people are finding the games, trying them out, and rating them. Any popular indie blog is a great way to find these hidden games because they almost always link to the developer’s homepage, or a place where you can download a whole list of indie titles.

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