‘Anna’ Promises Point and Click Terror for PC

An old saw mill and five other real-world locations were faithfully recreated by Dreampainters, an Italian Indie Developer for the setting of Anna, their first adventure game. The story is based on legends from the D’Ayas Valley in Valle d’Aosta; an Alpine region in north-western Italy. Details about the game are few and far between, Dreampainters is playing it close to the vest for this one; to avoid spoilers they even created false screenshots for events that will not actually happen in the game. But we know that your character will have to solve puzzles, and confront the ghostly presences haunting the game in order to finish. Anna will follow the traditional First Person Shooter POV, perfect for a game that’s creepy.

The saw mill has a bloody history, according to legends told to the team while they were researching for the game. A jealous lumberjack killed his family there. Their ghosts still haunt it on stormy nights.

But Anna is more than just a ghost story. How the player interacts with the photo-realistic environments will determine what they see. The game will actually change based on what the player does. As a horror gamer, this sounds like an amazing concept, one we’ve seen tried with the Sanity/Insanity concept in such games as Darkest Corners of the Earth. It remains to be seen whether Dreampainters will manage to be more innovative in their execution. If so, then they just may become the premiere indie horror game developer.

The environment isn’t the only piece of the game to get special attention. While most horror games use only ambient sounds, Anna will have different music for each viewpoint that’s been written specifically for the game. The game will feature three different endings, making it replayable, for a total of nine gameplay hours.



Anna will be available for PC only in June 2012.

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