Games we love, but wish we could love playing

One of the great things about having so many developers working at once, pumping out hundreds of video games every year is the sheer amount of different creative designs we have at our fingertips now. There are some games that we as gamers read about, see trailers for, and play with an overwhelming sense of wonder. Like The Beetles, we realize that this game is going to create it’s own genre of game types, it’s truly unique. But – in rare circumstances – we suddenly realize after an hour or so that we aren’t having fun.

We are angry, but not at the game, at ourselves because we know that the game is fun. Everything about it screams creativity and hundreds of hours of gameplay, but we simply can’t get ourselves invested. We put down our controllers, and maybe go the rest of our lives pretending to have beaten the game just so we can talk about it with our friends. But really, we know the truth…

For me, this game is Minecraft. Minecraft’s gameplay involves (for those of you who have been living under a rock) the player spawning into a seemingly endless world filled with mountains, trees, plains and oceans. With a tiny pickax, players can create anything! Given enough time you can could create underground labyrinths, enormous chapels, full castles or even an entire city. One user created a functioning calculator, using On and Off switches provided in the game to be used for lighting rooms.

But when I finally sat down and gave the game a shot, I couldn’t even finish my first hut before getting bored and switching to something else. At first I just thought I was in the mood for something more action packed, but after several more tries I had to accept the fact that I don’t like playing Minecraft. I think the game and the creative outlet it provides gamers is nothing short of genius, but I don’t like playing it.

On the other end, I’m an enormous fan of the Dynasty Warriors series. Some don’t understand how I can sink my teeth into these games. They think they look cool, but assert that the idea of plowing through thousands of enemy’s and tossing them about like a living blender just isn’t that fun to them. Well, thank goodness for Demos!