GameFly to Publish iOS, Android Games

GameFly is looking to expand its influence in the digital sphere.

The game rental service has announced its plans to publish and back games for iOS and Android devices, offering a fund to help developers finish, publish, and promote their mobile game titles.

GameFly will also be starting its own mobile app on Android called GameStore, an independent game marketplace that will feature titles and allow users to discover games based on recommendations from friends and the app itself. No similar plans have been announced for iOS, but a similar “Game of the Day” feature has been recently added to GameFly’s mobile app on Apple devices.

The company started increasing its influence in the digital market by launching a PC client earlier this year for all subscribers. The client allows for users to download PC titles directly to their computer, much like Valve’s Steam. This new step in the realm of mobile gaming will further increase GameFly’s digital presence over its competitors.

Expect to see GameFly start to publish titles as soon as this summer.




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