Who’s Publishing Ron Gilbert’s Double Fine Game?

A couple days ago, we learned that Ron Gilbert, co-creator of DeathSpank and the Monkey Island adventure games, was making a game with Double Fine Productions, which is headed by his good buddy Tim Schafer.  While they just teased us with a set of mysterious images, we’re pretty sure we learned what they mean today.  We’re smart like that.

SEGA of America tweeted the image above on Flickr, and while it initially seems to reveal nothing, somebody noticed that those puzzle pieces on Gilbert’s blog looked like they might match up.  Sure enough, when placed in there, you get a complete picture, which you can see below.  Pretty cool, huh?


I like the strange looking one.


We don’t have any other real details about the game yet, but E3 seems like a good place to make an announcement.  Are you a fan of Gilbert’s or Double Fine’s work?  What are your thoughts about this?