My Guilty Pleasure Games

There are some titles that the majority of gamers can get behind. Even if you aren’t a fan of Mass Effect or the Halo series you respect the game and its players. But we all play a couple games that no one else seems to respect. These are the games that we keep hidden under our beds and behind our TVs in hope that our gamer friends never find them. Today I’m listing my guilty pleasure games. I’m ready to take them out from hiding and proclaim myself a fan.


Pokemon is one of the few things that keep me from throwing my old Gameboy SP in the trashcan. I still replay my old copies of Silver and Sapphire. And while Pokémon is quickly going out of style it will always be a paradise of gaming for me. Even though Pokémon is making a small comeback in the high school and college world, it still doesn’t mean it’s cool to walk around playing my Gameboy on campus. Instead I have to hide this guilty pleasure, only using my handheld Pokémon training device in the comfort of my own home, or in my roommate’s car on the way to work. I do miss those old elementary days when I could play Pokémon on the go wherever I wanted to.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars might be seven years old now but I still consider myself an active player. I might not get on as often as I used to, but I’m still finding a few hours a week to do a dungeon or a couple missions. This might not seem like a guilty pleasure game, but it is for two reasons. First, to the average person MMORPGs are a whole new level of geekdom. I’ll admit I don’t broadcast my love of Guild Wars to someone unless I know them fairly well. The Second reason is the game is seven years old. The amount of active players online has plummeted down to very few die hard players. The only thing geekier than playing an MMO is playing an MMO with a very small hardcore fanbase.

Bubble Shooter

Most gamers don’t take flash games seriously. Especially ones that consist of repetitive puzzle like activities with no story or reward. But despite the flack that games like bubble shooter get, I have to admit I’m addicted to Bubble Shooter. The idea of the game makes me cringe, but actually playing it can relieve my boredom for hours on end. When I’m on the computer and wondering what to do my hands start typing Bubble Shooter into the browser. Without even thinking about it I’m already trying to clear the map of little colored balls. It’s a sad obsession, especially for a serious gamer, but it’s also my guilty pleasure.

The Sims 2

My number one guilty pleasure game is the Sims 2. There are so many reasons to keep this game hidden from my gaming buddies. First off, no serious gamer plays the Sims 2. The fan base is largely composed of junior high school girls and people who don’t even know what an Xbox is. Even though there are a couple serious gamers that play this game casually, they’re probably playing the Sims 3. But not me. I’m still stuck on the old graphics and simple design of the Sims 2.

I’m not going to try and discount my addiction to this game by saying that “I play the Sims, but only for the house building” or “I only play because I like to drown my Sims in the pool.” I truthfully enjoy making Sims and playing through their lives. Getting promoted through the career track and teaching your toddler how to walk are as fun to me as leveling up in Skyrim or getting promoted in Call of Duty.

So there it is, a list of my guilty pleasure games. They might be embarrassing but I can’t deny I really enjoy playing these titles. Have a guilty pleasure game you want to share? Post it in the comments section below.

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