Every Time Someone Mentions It, Someone Will Reinstall It

PC gamers are a nostalgic bunch. I should know. I am one. I have been the victim of the title of this article many times. No doubt that there are many classic games that have released over the years for the personal computer and/or Mac but there are rare titles that hit such an impact that they never stray too far from our hearts. Also, the install discs never stray too far from the disc drives. Prepare yourselves, PC veterans! Grab your discs, GOG .exe files, or Steam password and watch the hours fly by again. You. Will. Reinstall.

Oh, and for those who have never played these titles, seriously get on that. They may look outdated now but you’re gaming life and list of accomplishments will be better for experiencing these.


Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

While the default game is a buggy mess, the community has risen up and come out with all the patches you need to enjoy this classic. This released alongside Half-Life 2 to become one of the first titles to use Valve’s Source engine. For those unfamiliar with White Wolf’s World of Darkness and Vampire RPGs, Bloodlines follow the clans found there. You could choose which clan to follow and carry out the story. The game features both first person and third person gameplay and a long list of obtainable endings. For supernatural and pen-and-paper RPG enthusiasts, this is a must play for you.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Oh, Morrowind. This game was so profound back in the day. It was huge! And those graphics? Dat face texture. Seriously though, Morrowind was pretty fantastic with a lot more to do in the world than Oblivion. While it’s not as pretty as the fourth or fifth entry to the series, Morrowind holds the hearts of many open world RPG fans. So much that people have spent hours upon hours recreating Morrowind in Oblivion to give the game more longevity. The characters, areas, and story of Morrowind are just so well done that it is hard to recommend Oblivion over it. Any gamer who jumped onto The Elder Scrolls with Oblivion or even Skyrim needs to check Morrowind out.


Diablo 2

The absolute benchmark for dungeon crawlers. Although D3 is out and chugging along, Diablo 2 still remains the king of the mountain thanks to its longevity, community support, and impact it had on the genre. Though Diablo 3 of course has a chance to beat the second game in terms of long lasting content and experience, it will never be forgotten for what it did and the countless hours it stole from lives. From the fan service, to Wirt’s Leg, to stepping into hell, and finally confronting… The Cow King, Diablo 2 was an absolute joy to play. Its systems were in-depth, the loot innumerable, and the B.Net hackers boundless. Does anyone else remember Jamella’s Diablo 2 Hero Editor?


Baldur’s Gate II

Hands down one of the best RPGs ever made. Also, hands down one of the best expansions every made. Baldur’s Gate II is one of those games that transcended gameplay and story telling boundaries during its time. From start to fnish it had you pinned to the seat in excitement and interest. Shadows of Amn has one of the most compelling villains in gaming history. Great news for those who are now interested or just don’t feel like playing the original version: there is an Enhanced Edition coming out! Baldur’s Gate II will be re-releasing bundled with Throne of Bhaal and coupled with an updated version of the Infinity Engine which helped games like this, Planescape: Torment, and Icewind Dale become just as fan as the Baldur’s Gate series. Expect it sometime this Summer.


Deus Ex

Every time someone mentions it, someone will reinstall it. That saying was created because of Deus Ex. This classic game featured an intricate storyline coupled with political terrorism, player choice, and a conspiracy that has run for ages finally coming to a head. Deus Ex is heralded as one of the best games ever “written” and has a giant following still to this day. Some of you unfamiliar with this game will remember Human Revolution from last year. While that game was pretty good on its own, the original game in the series holds such a high commendation from players. Consider this one game that everyone who plays games should experience. The story alone will rock you. Dammit, where are my install discs?


You can find these games digitally on or Steam. Of course, if you’re really feeling nostalgic and have some extra funds you could search Amazon or eBay for the old boxed copies. Have fun reinstalling and replaying these timeless classics. If you’re headed through them for the first time, you’re in for a wild ride. These five games will be around forever thanks to cult followings, huge community support, or even legacy support from the companies.