Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and Mirror of Fate Info Creeps Out

New info has been released about two new Castlevania games. One for the 3DS entitled Mirror of Fate, which is a traditional 2D game. The other is Lords of Shadow 2, a full 3D Castlevania experience building upon the critically acclaimed 2010 game. The tricky part is how the info came out. The original information comes from PGN. The way the info is written up is a little confusing as he goes into detail about Mirror of Fate and then lands a bombshell basically making a lot of the info negated. I’ll tell you how.


Mirror Of Fate

Mirror was originally planned as a cross platform game involved the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U. Most interestingly was how this would be done. Konami had planned for the 3DS version to be the main one while the Wii U would act as a “brother” of sorts. On the Wii U you would be playing the same game using the Wii U tablet controller for button input and the tablet’s screen mocking the 3DS’ bottom screen. Your television would act as the 3DS’ top screen. You would share progress between the two versions to be able to play at home and comfortably at home.

Sounds cool, right? Well forget about it. It isn’t happening. The Wii U version of Mirror of Fate is apparently cancelled and replaced with Lords of Shadow 2. No reason was given as to why Konami did this but instead of a cross platform title they are heading in the direction of porting over the 3D game. This is pretty disappointing. The idea of being able to cross platform 3DS games on the Wii U, emulating both screens, and sharing progress is really cool. The Vita does this and I hoping for the same type of functionality with the 3DS. This may still happen but it seems Konami will not be the purveyor of such features.

Still, Mirror of Fate is coming out for the 3DS and there is much to speak about it. It is a traditional 2D Castlevania game featuring two unnamed main characters. Konami has been hard at work on this game as it is said that so far the dev cycle for it is one and a half years. The game also features some unique use of the 3DS’ camera – both front and back. The back camera will be used for certain puzzle solving techniques. Sounds alright but the front camera’s use is much more interesting. The front will act like a mirror. Something about reflections and revealing your face will be important but no details were talked about.

Mirror of Fate is sounding pretty interesting. I just don’t like the fact that I’ll have to use my ugly face and see my reflection all the time. I barely use front facing cameras at all on any device. I’m hoping this feature isn’t something mandatory to play the game. Though, with the name “Mirror” of Fate, I guess I should buy a Guy Fawkes mask and use that to trick the game.


Lords of Shadow 2

Unfortunately the info for this game is very sparse. The source only says that since Mirror of Fate Wii U was cancelled, a version of the 3D sequel is now in development for Nintendo’s upcoming console. It isn’t exclusive, though. Lords of Shadow will be coming out for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS Vita. While hearing about a sequel to Lords of Shadow is cool and all, I am still a bit disappointed to hear that they cancelled Mirror of Fate Wii U.

That’s all we have so far. The source goes on to say that both games will be playable at E3 and thankfully Jason is scheduled to have some face time at the Konami booth. We’ll be up to date with any new information for Castlevania.