From Dust

Browser Play – From Dust

In-browser gaming is on a continuous ascension on the path of popularity with many much-loved titles becoming playable through this method; Bastion, Angry Birds, and the recent release of the original Wolfenstein 3D to mark its 20th birthday. The God-game From Dust, ported to PC from consoles, is now available as a Chrome App with a free demo available for you to dip your toes into the treacherous waters, or more usually lava flows, of this ego-boosting game. The excellent thing regarding this seemingly meteoric rise of in-browser gaming, is that if demos are available, they are able to be accessed instantly by the player, thus creating major appeal and ability to get a game ‘out there’ quickly.

Of course, as with other in-browser games, you will need a fairly stable and relatively speedy internet connection. From Dust in-browser does run from your machine so, unlike the Angry Birds Chrome App, if your can’t run it then you will be unable to play it – sorry folks! I highly recommend that you check out the demo for From Dust over at the Chrome App store, it’s a very good game, graphically and through gameplay, and is a brilliant way to spend a lunch break, or to fulfil various other procrastination techniques that you require.