BioWare Austin Suffers Layoffs

The studio behind Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare Austin, was hit with layoffs today after a studio restructuring. EA produced a statement to Game Informer just after the layoffs:

“BioWare has restructured its studio in Austin today. Of the employees impacted, some will be able to join other projects within EA, others will leave the company. These are very difficult decisions, but it allows us to focus our staff to maintain and grow Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

“BioWare Austin remains a large and important part of BioWare and EA, working with other studios around the world to continue to deliver a high-quality service and exciting new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

While it’s good to hear that some of the staff will just be reassigned, I can’t help but feel bad for those who suddenly find themselves jobless. A friend of mine who works as a community manager for BioWare Austin had tweeted simply:

“God damnit.”

I’ve since found out that his job is safe and it was his friends who weren’t so lucky, but I can’t think of a better sentiment.