Microsoft Offering Minecraft Refunds To Players With Low Resolution Screens

Don’t have an HD television? Did you buy Minecraft on the 360? Are you upset? Microsoft is here to console you with a refund. Minecraft doesn’t support local split-screen unless you are on high definition. Problem is that the description for Minecraft 360 Edition did not include said information at release. With the game selling over one million digital copies already, who knows how many people were affected and will be given a refund.

Split-screen for the 360 edition is one of the coolest highlights about the game. Multiplayer on the PC is kind of a hassle to set-up, maintain, and use. The 360 edition makes this a priority and something easy thanks to Xbox Live and seamless transitions from private to public. It would suck if you purchased the game and found out that a huge reason for buying it was unable to be used.

Now, before people go off in the comment section and say “hey man, just get an HD”, I have to admit that the need for an HDTV for a game like Minecraft is a bit baffling. Games have been doing split-screen for years and years. Minecraft isn’t the most technologically advance game, either. Still, the limitation is there and Microsoft has since updated the description for Minecraft 360 Edition. Just be sure to read before purchasing if you haven’t yet. Let’s hope this kind of blunder doesn’t happen again. Refund processes are never fun.

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  1. rudebox

    ” Multiplayer on the PC is kind of a hassle to set-up, maintain, and use. ”
    Yeah, typing in the address of a server and clicking connect is soo much hassle. Those PC gamers must be genius kids to work that out.

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