Dragon’s Dogma Already Hit With DLC Packs

Dragon’s Dogma is set to release tomorrow but an in-game pop up message has detailed the first set of DLC. These packs are readily available for you to download starting the first day of your 50-plus hour adventure. Capcom has already said they will be reviewing their policies on content locked on the disc. They also confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma does in fact come with on-disc DLC already on it. With the admission out there and a promise to check into the situation, will we still have the kind of backlash that Street Fighter x Tekken had?

Anyways, you got extras ready for Dogma tomorrow. Will you be getting any of them?


  1. Rift Crystal Pack: a repurchase-able pack that gives you Rift Crystals used to upgrade and buy new pawns.
  2. A Coffer You Can’t Refuse: Gives you access to new hairstyles and armor for your main character and main pawn.
  3. From The Different Sky – Part 1: First of ten weekly quest additions for the game.