BioWare and The Old Republic Call On Allies To Save Its Troubles

BioWare is preparing for update 1.3 in Star Wars: The Old Republic. While off to an amazing start, the high profile MMO has become beleagured with player complaints and recently an exodus of over 400,000 subscribers. With a chunk of power gone, can Darth Malgas and Satele Shan replenish their forces before waving the white flags?

BioWare is hoping that this new update will do the trick. The new patch entitled Allies will finally bring a feature clamored for by fans in the group (dungeon) finder. Although the finder doesn’t search across servers just yet, BioWare is also bringing about server transfers if you feel that the community on your server is just a tad bit lonely. Indeed this update is more about functionality then content. BioWare has stated that update 1.4 will be more content filled for players.

IGN has an interview up with Daniel Erickson, lead game designer for SWTOR. In the interview, Daniel says that thanks to update 1.2 they saw a very positive reaction and an uptick in players. However, news broke out recently that over 400,000 subscribers had left the game. This was after update 1.2. The Legacy system’s anticipated arrival was met with gigantic costs making a lot of the Legacy system seem just not worth the trouble. How do I know? Me and about seven friends were playing the game from launch until the leaked screenshots of the Legacy costs. We had worked hard to get high Legacy levels just to realize that we were still so far away from being able to take advantage of it.

BioWare has a lot on their plate with SWTOR and the next patch or two may be the make or break point for the remaining subscribers. It is sad to hear and see. The Old Republic was a highly anticipated game for me. As an avid Star Wars fan who has played both Old Republic games, read the entire comic series, all the books, and owns several rare statues and figures cancelling my subscription was a tough thing for me to swallow. Especially after buying that collector’s edition.

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