Aliens: Colonial Marines Joins the Train to 2013

Gearbox’s upcoming shooter is hopping aboard the delay train (once again) along with Bioshock Infinite, South Park, and Tomb Raider. Aliens: Colonial Marines is now scheduled for a February 12th, 2013 release and will be a full entry into the official Aliens lore and canon.

Following the story of Alien 3 and the death of Ellen Ripley, the series main character, Colonial Marines are sent into the distressed Sulaco spaceship to figure out what happened. What they find is unbelievable and terrifying. Gearbox is working hard at making this game a worthwhile addition to the lore and fun to play at that. The game features a single player and co-op campaign with drop-in/drop-out support and multiplayer modes.

The game has been delayed many times since its first announcement back in 2008. However, with every push back we get a more detailed and exciting trailer to help quench our rage and be enticed by what Colonial Marines will bring to consoles and PC.

On the topic of the Wii-U, the press release states that the release date for the Wii-U version will be announced “at a later time”. One has to wonder if Nintendo locked in a times release exclusivity contract for Colonial Marines, making the Wii-U version a launch title and the only way to play the highly anticipated game for quite some time. And that, my dear readers, is purely speculation.