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Voice Actor Comments on Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC

Controversy surrounded BioWare’s futuristic RPG Mass Effect 3 earlier this year when fans became upset about the game’s ending, claiming that it left too many loose ends and did not provide enough closure. After enduring an onslaught of angry messages, protests, and even a Kickstarter charity campaign, the developer has announced that the ending will be fixed by way of forthcoming DLC.
While the ending is not a completely new one, BioWare has promised it will be an “extended cut,” of the original, providing fans with the necessary closure to give the game a more satisfying end.
At this point story specifics intended for the DLC are unknown, but in an interview with G4, ME3 voice actor Lance Henriksen had this to say of the new DLC: “We did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality that they’ve been doing.”
Lance calls the unsatisfactory ending “just an oversight,” saying that the ending upset fans due to its abrupt nature when the player died. “Usually when a guy loses a game,” he says, “the game shuts down, it’s over, you’re done. And the players didn’t like that.”
The Extended Cut DLC is set to be released this summer.

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  1. Steffanic

    “when the player died”. I sure hope this isn’t a spoiler…I’ve managed to avoid anything up to this point. Please don’t say this has ruined it for me…

  2. Logic!

    I have an idea: if you don’t want a game spoiled for you, don’t read an article based on the game’s ending. Seems rather logical to me.

  3. JCENAdaBest

    OMG! does no one get why the ending sucked?!?? 
    It is because it isn’t clear enough to what it actually means, a dream/indoctrination etc?It wasn’t clever in the way it tried to be and the ‘Real’ ending where Shepard appears to have lived should be everyone’s ending as it makes sense out of this messy and unclear ending.The plot holes cannot be forgiven unless clear it was a dream. – the little boy who occured in dreams throughout should have been replaced with a squad member who you loved/really liked who died in ME1 or 2 or even 3. Old squad mates could have helped you out on earth, your whole Normandy team could have been in the fight as they were at the end of ME2 but they weren’t in ME3, WHY?! The ending felt rushed and could have been done a lot better FULLSTOP.

  4. Amith Thomas

     Yet another article  saying it didn’t leave enough closure, and too many plotholes.  Guys,guys, guys,  those are waaaaay down the list of issues. At the top we have things like,    – Destroying the games fiction as a whole, by breaking all the laws, rules and logical limits,     – In the last 10 minutes, changing everything, basically taking everything   the series was abou (and that’s a lot) , and replacing it with one stupid, cliche statement,  that has nothing to do with the ME series at all, and can even be proven wrong in the truest sense, by the player !   well never mind, I’ll just copy and paste one of my previous rantings. Here goes :  (i know it seems too whiny but still…)

    See, the wonderful people at Bioware created this amazing fiction. It was totally believable, emotionally engaging, interesting universe, which worked and functioned by a certain number of laws, and agreements. This universe totally sucked  players in. Soon it became more than just a game. ME2 was amazing, and improved just about everything about the first game  imo . ME3 came along. Sure it had big problems in many areas. But you know what ? it didn’t matter. It was still amazing. It was completely awesome. The series was a work of art. Heck yes ! it was an AMAZING piece of art. A true milestone. That is why it is not only so good, but so important. Then came the endingAt first people thought they hated the ending because it was too sad, or because of lack of choice (which are all valid) but here is what the ending does

    – It does not neglect the fiction of ME, no, It actively DESTROYS it. They should have cut it out before the  GodChild. That’s all. It breaks all the fundamental rules that this entire fiction was working by. It was once believable. Now its not ! Mass effect, mass accelerators, eezo… bla bla why should i care now ? A God child just showed up saying that he is the catalyst and the citadel is a part of him (Whaaaa ?) with his super machine that can alter the entire universe, by jumping into a beam of light, shooting a capsule thingy or taking control ???? All the basic rules and implicit agreements that the fiction was governed by are THROWN OUT THE WINDOW. ie it doesn’t make sense. Why should we even CARE about the ending, if it doesn’t make sense on the basic level, or if it simply does not fit into the ME universe ?? The reapers – the perfect villain in the ME series. unfathomable, uncomprehendable, so powerful, yet so believable !They caused a lot of speculation among us players, and it was awesome. The way Bioware executed the idea of the reapers made them scary, and awe inspiring. Then in the ending, they are the solution to the God Child (who in himself makes no sense, is stupid and irritating). WTH ??? you just took that amazing idea, the reapers and threw it down the drain. They aren’t scary anymore. They aren’t even believable anymore ! The God child made them. And they become part of that stupid part of the game that doesn’t make any sense. Even those three choices make no sense for the most part ! Every logical limit in the ME universe is broken, and is there an explanation, in the codex ? no. Instead people who support the ending say ‘ no it could have been this, or maybe it was a controlled explosion this time’ no no no no. it’s no use

    – BASIC STORYTELLING anyone ? Are people stupid ? Can they not see that in the last 10 minutes, most of the crucial rules, themes, and objectives were changed or abandoned ? The main objective of the game was changed. That’s just bad storytelling period. This itself should make certain journalists realize that they can’t  say the ending was ‘fitting’ (Fitting ? really ???? ). It’s like an artist has been working this massive masterpiece, and we’ve all been watching from the start. Most of us have watched every detail being painted , which was important, because it made us love the work of art even more. Everything was done so well. Sure there were quite a few issues, some big ones, that seemed deal breaking at the time. But carrying on and looking back, you can’t really see them in the big picture. The artist is out to create this massive masterpiece, and it is slowly coming to an end You know what the ending is like ? it’s like the artist suddenly took a large brush and covered the entire work with wierd strokes and touches. ‘No no, it was my artistic vision. It’s what you call abstract art’ really ??? you just destroy years of work in 10 minutes, and change everything ??? It doesn’t help that what we are left with isn’t nicely done either.and besides, would you really believe that the same artist/group of artists had that in mind all along ? of course not- lack of Narrative coherence,    As in the nerdrage vid about the ending on youtube

    – MASSIVE PLOT HOLES. – about shepard ? yeah right ! this isn’t shepard anymore ! he/she just stood there and listened to the God child ! This isn’t about shepard, this isn’t about the reapers anymore, or the characters, or the universe, or the conflict in it. You know what it is suddenly about ?
    – thats right, now the ME universe is all about the tension between synthetics and organics. REALLY ?????!!!! That overused cliche idea, had NOTHING to do with Mass Effect . In fact Commander Shepard proved it wrong !!! and in the last 10 minutes, this is introduced as the new objective ???? The ME universe was beleivable because you could never really point out a overarching objective pertaining to the entire universe. It was realistic, differed a lot depending on situation, scale of things and perspective, ambiguous at times.Thats why it was realistic and so believable !  And now you put this absolute objective in, one that is so stupid, naive and has nothing to do with the once believable ME universe   ??? the ME universe is no longer believable.- choice
     – we were promised 16 endings, ambiguous ones at that, where we couldn’t be able to differentiate into ABC. We got ABC. I’m sorry, but that’s just false advertising You know what, im not going to bother saying everything else.But just this – for journalists who say the ME3 ending was fitting, or good, I’m sorry, but that’s not a matter of taste, it’s just horrible journalism. When an ending does all that i mentioned above (and more in the  countless videos on youtube), it cannot be fitting, it cannot even be passable.
    you know what ? i doubt the ending was Bioware’s artistic vision. how can the same experts who did the 2.9 games in the ME series, think that the ending was anything but a load of crap that jeopardizes the entire fiction ? Most of the devs probably do want to change it… there were obviously some issues…Playing ME2 again (like 7th or 8th time).
     I’m just gonna pretend the ME3 ending never happened, because if I take the ending into account, i can never look at the ME universe in the same way. When the ending comes in, everything is stupid, doesn’t make sense. What’s the point of playing when i know a God child is controlling everything. What’s the point of all the codex entries about technology and what not, when all the rules are going to be broken without explanation ? What’s the point in taking interest in the various conflicts and objectives in the games, when i know the real problem is actually supposed to be tension between synthetics and organics ? ( again, REALLY ????).  What’s the point in looking at the reapers in awe… if i know the God Child really controls them ?
    It’s not about fan backlash anymore, Bioware. It’s about preventing your 8 year old baby from being ruined. They can change it, the ending. I hope they do. Not anymore for the fan’s sake, but for the sake of the amazing work of art the ME franchies once was.
    For crying out loud, just finish it when Shepard is bleeding out. It will be fine then. It won’t destroy, ruin the entire fiction that is Mass Effect.the ending ruined the entire series. It broke every basic rule there is in the ME universe. It breaks the rules of basic storytelling, it is ridiculous. It is not Mass Effect. It is something else entirely. That is a fact, not an opinion, unless you were to change the rest of the ME series.    It renders all of the games immersive, believable, amazing fiction useless, by breaking all the rules and trading it in for cliche, stupid crap that doesn’t even make sense.I  myself will pretend the ending never happened. Otherwise, i can’t look at the ME universe in the same way.

  5. 3shitty

    LMFAO what a dumbass 
    “the game shuts down, it’s over, you’re done. And the players didn’t like that.” its HOW  not the death.

  6. saddlesablazin

    They still don’t seem to get it, or at least Lance doesn’t get it. 
    Which is fine because he’s just a voice actor for the game.  However, i
    keep seeing descriptions of the ending with phrases like, “gives more
    closure”.  If the descriptions are accurate then it means the entire
    writing team still doesn’t get it.  Articles like this that don’t
    describe the real issue with the ending make the fans look like
    whiners.  If the ending just had “loose ends”, that would be a good
    things.  Instead what we have are HUGE plot holes, too many to list
    here.  Also, the choices you make throughout the series don’t affect the
    ending whatsoever.  That would be ok for other games, but ME is all
    about the choices you make and their consequences.  Also in press
    releases they claimed that our choices would affect the endings and that
    there are many possible endings.  This was obviously a blatant lie. 
    They should have just admitted that they screwed up and just left it the
    way it is.  This new ending will just add insult to injury.   

  7. saddlesablazin

    I wanted to mention something else here that I think is relevant.  Square Enix’s game Deus Ex HR had a pretty big problem in it.  Not a huge deal really relative to the ME3 debacle, but a lot of fans complained.  Square Enix came out and apologized and admitted that they screwed up.  They didn’t try to hide behind terms like “artistic license”.  They understood exactly what the problem was, and addressed it perfectly in a DLC.  Again, you can’t really compare the 2 cases, but it should show us something about EA/Bioware.  

  8. Jeff Dranetz

    It was the great effectiveness of the series’ emotional bonding with the characters and in particular the connection the player had to “Shepard”. You are able to make Shepard look like yourself.  You choose the dialog. It is not surprising that the ending “choices” were so traumatic.  I get it, Bioware needs to move on to other projects, and leave this one to gaming history. But, it was very upsetting, to me, of the story ending as it did.  I am sure I’m not the only person that let themselves live vicariously through Commander Shepard.  Being able to live vicariously through the player’s character is a sign of that the game creators were successful.  Any RPG that the player can NOT experience this way deserves to be in the $5 discount bin.  Bioware needs to understand that players emotional reactions to the ending of the series shows that creation was a masterpiece, a historical milestone, a higher level of quality of realism that had not existed before. Any RPG that does not try to reach this high bar set by Bioware is doomed. This is now what will be expected. We are upset at the ending BECAUSE Bioware did such a fantastic job.  

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