Sunday Funday: Five Gaming Songs For Getting Fit

It’s Sunday! Last day of the weekend, a perfect day to chill out and play your favorite game. They don’t call them “lazy Sundays” for nothing right? Welcome to Sunday Funday, a light-hearted take on all things gaming. No hard-hitting reviews, no breaking news here; just a little fun before the week starts again. Enjoy!

As much as I love playing video games, every once in a while I have to get up and get out. A jog around the neighborhood, a trip to the gym, even jumping jacks in the living room, I have to sweat a little before going back to whatever rests in my console at the time.

Even though I’ve stopped playing for the moment, there’s no reason why I can’t bring gaming with me. Of course, walking on a treadmill with a 3DS in my hand looks silly, but game music in my ear is a perfect substitution. The following are five gaming-related tunes, mostly remixes with one exception, that serve as a perfect background to whatever exercise I’m taking part in at the time. If you like to hit the weights every once in a while, bring these songs with you next time:



norg – Harden the Duck Up! (Remix of Ducktales – “Moon Theme”)

The Moon stage’s theme from Ducktales is a very versatile track. Here, it’s a stage theme. If you ask this guy, it should have been the ending credits theme. Thanks to this track from norg of OCRemix, it’s a perfect workout song. It takes a while to get going, but once it does I MOVE. This remix takes an already amazing song and makes it a thousand times better, substituting the 8-bit chiptunes for heavy drums and guitar riffs. If you’ve never heard the original Moon theme  before, or if you don’t know what OCRemix is, use “Harden the Duck Up” as a shining example of both.


Magical Trick Society – “Investigation – Cornered” (Remix of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – “Cornered”)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has arguably the best soundtrack on the DS. The old-school sounds serve as a perfect backdrop from the courtroom craziness featured throughout the games. No song, though, is more recognizable than “Cornered,” the track that plays when Phoenix Wright has the witness caught in a lie. There are plenty of remixes floating around, but the best has to be Magical Trick Society’s version on their Ace Attorney cover album “Cadenza!” I particularly love the bass solo in the middle, an original touch to an iconic track. The entire album is worth a listen, but there’s no beating this song while at the gym.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Nova

I could have chosen any song from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for this list; I used to listen to the entire soundtrack while at the gym. However, Nova’s theme puts me in the zone more than any of the others. I don’t know if it’s the synth, the tempo, or the beat, but something about this song kills fatigue and keeps me going. While I do like Zero, Ghost Rider, and Frank West’s themes for my trips to the gym, Nova’s theme has become my favorite.


Evil Horde – “Hangarmageddon” (Remix of Doom – “Level 1”)

This song is for those who prefer some heavy metal while they work out, as Evil Horde turns the iconic Level 1 music from Doom into a shredfest worthy of Slayer. The original tune has a hard rock sound to it anyway, but hearing it as a true metal song gives it a whole new dimension of badassery. Nothing gets me pumped like a great metal track, and thanks to Evil Horde a classic gaming track has become just that.


The Immortals – “Techno Syndrome” (Mortal Kombat Techno Remix)

MORTAL KOMBAT!! You’ve all heard this song before, so it’s not hard to understand why this is a perfect song for a gamer to bring to the gym. Up-tempo electronica intertwined with the sounds of Mortal Kombat that we have come to know and love. It also brings back fond memories of the 1995 live-action movie, one of my favorite video game films of all time. (Hey, it was definitely better than Super Mario Bros, no question). Anyone looking for some upbeat gaming music to take with them need look no further than this excellent track from yesteryear.


Anything I missed? With only five slots, there are definitely some songs worthy of a workout that I didn’t talk about. Leave them for me in the comments, I’m always looking for new music.