New Borderlands 2 Details Arrive

As we showed earlier, Gearbox Studios released the details on the Ultimate Loot Edition of their upcoming shooter/rpg hybrid Borderlands 2.  Yeah, I want it too.  Producer Matt Charles today answered some fan questions about the game, including queries about the improvements to the story, details about the downloadable class, and whether or not you can finally hotkey medkits.

While he doesn’t drop any bombs, Charles does address a few issues from the first Borderlands.  A vehicle will be available that can carry all four players, money and ammo are now thankfully picked up automatically (no more mashing the X button), and a variety of environments are promised.  They are really stressing the enhanced story and NPC actions, and upgrades like better voice chat support, improvements to the less-than-stellar framerate and improved skill trees will be very welcome.  You can see the entire interview on the official PlayStation blog.

In an interesting move, Gearbox decided to remove medkits altogether.  They claim that the expanded armor and shield options will keep you safe, but I’m a little worried.  I like the feel of a medkit in my inventory, you know?  Regardless, the Ultimate Loot edition does look cool, and I am super excited about Borderlands 2.  I want that replica treasure chest!


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