Drow come to Dungeons and Dragons Online in Menace of the Underdark

On June 25th, Turbine will unleash the evil of Lolth and the drow on DDO players. But, they will have tools to fight back, including the new Druid class and Epic Destinies. Champions from Eberron will go to the Forgotten Realms to battle through King’s Forest and eventually head down to the Underdark and then on to the, Demonweb, to battle the Demon Queen of Spiders in her own lair. Players will gain Epic enhancements as they adventure from level 20-25. This is the first time players will be able to adventure in the Forgotten Realms, the most popular realm in Dungeons and Dragons.

This expansion for the popular free to play game will be available for different levels of purchase. Players who pre-order and get the Limited Time Collector’s Edition will receive bonus material that other players will miss out on, like a Figurine of Wondrous Power: Onyx Panther, so that players can emulate a certain Drow Ranger of Forgotten Realms fame. Players that choose the Standard edition will gain a Cult Spider Mask cosmetic item and two companion pets.

Turbine is betting on the lure of the Drow to bring in new players, and they’re probably going to find themselves correct on that matter. Lolth and her Demonweb Pits have been in every iteration of D&D since the very beginning, when the Drow were a menace to the World of Greyhawk. Their popularity only grew when R.A. Salvatore dropped a Drow Ranger into his Forgotten Realms Fiction.

A visual representation of the Demonweb Pits is almost the coolest thing a DDO player could ask for. Lolth is a fabulous and powerful villain that players just itch to defeat.

With the addition of Epic Destinies, Turbine is allowing the players to take their game to a whole new level of power, which they’ll need if they’re to defeat Lolth. Players can eventually unlock all 50 of the new abilities, but the player’s style of gameplay will really determine which powers and abilities they choose to give each of their characters. While there will be ten released with Menace of the Underdark, more Epic Destinies will be available in the future, with a few already in development.