Seafight is a 2D browser pirate game that’s free to play. Take on notorious ships like Blackbeard’s pirates and Rackham and also battle sea monsters. Engage in ship-to-ship combat on PVP maps and blast your enemies out of the water. The sounds of cannons and the constant sea wind are all good quality and add to the flavor of the game.

There are a variety of quests to fulfill. Some involve fighting monsters, others involve sailing to different coordinates, which represent things like escorting the princess or helping farmers find more arable land. These help you discover more of the map and find ships to attack, but they’re kind of all very similar once you’ve done enough of them. The coordinates you need to sail to can be far apart, which adds a lot of time watching your ship move along the map with little or nothing for you to do.  It does add to the pirate feel though, and when you get to each destination, there’s a little red X marking it.

The killing quests are more fun, though most of level one’s ships are pretty easy to defeat if you use the correct cannon balls. You’ll get plenty of gold for killing things and completing quests, however it would be very tough to level from one to two by just running around and slaying pirate ships, seeing as you need 2250 XP to make it to second. By the time I got done the first few quests I felt like I had a handle on how to play and was ready for more action.

There are also Achievements on each map which grant bonuses like extra cannons and better ammo.

The ship is run through an interface attached to the Seafight web page and not in the browser. This something not readily obvious if you just jump in and play the game, like I did. Through the tabs on the webpage, you can buy various upgrades and crew members, so that you can fulfill the pre-existing conditions that exist for some quests. You can also purchase upgrades for your sails so that you move faster across the water. If you spend the gold you get right away on the maximum sails you can get without spending Pearls (the game’s Buy It item) then it’ll be much more fun. I’d definitely like to see a icon on the map that opens the home page.

Once you fulfill the conditions and finish all the quests and become level Two, then you can move on to the PVP map!

Any player that wants to can attack you on this map, and the computer controlled ships that you face are harder to kill. It takes at least another few levels before you are able to hold your own against the opponents here. Fortunately, there are plenty of Quests to do!

Seafight is a good game for ship-to-ship combat and PVP, once you get up to a decent level.

Seafight – Leviathyn

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Gold accrues quickly making ship upgrading easy

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