Guild Wars 2: Pre-Purchase vs. Pre-Order

For fans interested in buying Guild Wars 2 there are choices to be made. Like which one of the three different digital versions offered on the official Guild Wars 2 website to buy. But, while you’re trying to choose between the digital and the digital deluxe edition there is a much more important choice to keep at the forefront of your mind.

The official Guild Wars 2 website is selling copies for Pre-Purchase. Like the name says people buy the game in full when they order a copy. Even the cheapest of the Pre-Purchase copies give players access to numerous benefits. Players get access to a three day head start, access to all future beta events, and an in-game item called the “Hero’s Band.”

Independent retailers like Gamestop, Best Buy, and are selling copies labeled as Pre-Order. Pre-Order copies are paid for when the company sends the game out, or when you pick them up at the store. They don’t offer access to the beta weekend events and they don’t give players the “Hero’s Band.” The one bonus that the Pre-Order version gives is a one day head start.

Separating the benefits between the Pre-Purchase and Pre-Order versions is a genius. First, Arena Net is beginning to have cash flow months before their game comes out. It looks good for the company, and gives invested players a reason to give feedback during the beta events. They already purchased the game, so they want to see it turn out well just like Arena Net does.

Second and more importantly Arena Net is going to make a much bigger profit by selling the Pre-Purchase edition. Because they are the only suppliers of the Pre-Purchase edition if you want to take advantage of the beta weekend and head start you have to buy Guild Wars 2 directly from the official site. There is no physical copy available, only digital versions. So Arena Net is saving money on printing the game to a disc and boxing it up. Then they are saving money by cutting out the middle man, or independent retailer, and selling straight from supplier to customer.

This is a really good idea for the company to employ. If it works out like they’re planning this could become a common practice in the gaming world. But as a player, make sure you know what kind of copy you’re choosing. The price of the digital Pre-Purchase edition is the same price as the independent Pre-Order edition running $59.99. So if you’re serious about getting into Guild Wars 2 spend the $59.99 ASAP, before they run out of Digital Pre-Order copies like they did during the last beta weekend.

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  1. Justin

    Sorry but you have some wrong info there. Places like gamestop/eb games were selling both the pre-order and pre-purchase. Both packs they gave you were clearly marked different, of course to get the pre-purchase you had to put down the money for the full game + taxes. If you only put down $5 to reserve the game you recieved the pre-order instead.

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