Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Edition Gets Sized Up Thanks to Dog

Over at the Gearbox twitter account, there is large amounts of Ultimate Loot Edition talk going on. Today starts the pre-orders for the $150 version of the gun-tooting, trail-blazing, no eye-brow raising, loot fest sequel. In order to help gamers figure out if the price is worth it or not, we were granted the above picture to help show us just how big the included loot chest is and also that it is made of hard plastic.

The Ultimate Loot Edition is filled to the brim with extras including: field notes, loot chest, Marcus bobblehead, bobblehead box in form of vending machine, postcards, digital comic book, sticket set, art book, cloth map, monster ID chart, certificate of authenticity, and a steelbook case for the actual game. Whew. That’s a ton of stuff! The chest, to me, is worth every penny but all this stuff just makes it irresistible.

Borderlands 2 is scheduled for a September 18th release and you can now pre-order the standard, Vault Hunter, and Ultimate Loot editions off of Amazon with more retailed starting soon. Stay tuned to Gearbox’s twitter page for more information.

Click for bigger picture of the Ultimate Loot Edition!