Thieves In Time

Sly Cooper Sneaking To The Vita

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will no longer be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. According to Sanzaru Games, the upcoming platformer will also be available for PlayStation Vita.

Sanzaru Games president Glen Egan also revealed that Carmelita Fox will play an unknown role in the game. She will be fully playable in Thieves in Time, and in addition, players will get to use a new over-the-shoulder aiming system, made so that targeting would be much simpler. As for the Vita version, players will be given the opportunity to move around the Vita for aiming. For example, when Sly has his archer’s outfit on, you can steer the arrows by steering the Vita.

A far more interesting feature, however, is cloud saving. You can play Thieves in Time on your Vita, save, and pick up where you last left off on your PlayStation 3. Head on over to the complete post on the PlayStation Blog for more details. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is set for release sometime in Fall 2012.


Source: Gameinformer