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The premise of the game is simple: The humans have managed to almost annihilate themselves, leaving vampire the undisputed rulers of the world. Thirst of Night puts you in the place of one of these vamps. Your buildings aren’t just Barracks and Research Stations though. This game does a great job of making you feel like a vampire building up for world takeover by having buildings like the Blood Factory and the Nightclub. Your main base is called Downtown. You can use your vampire armies to attack the remaining pockets of humans, other vampires or places like mountains prairies and lakes. Each resource you take over boosts your production and destroying enemies gives you experience.

Resources are key here, just like in most RTS’s, however there’s some easy ways to gain bunches of them, and that’s by completing Quests. Some are simple, like “Build a Blood Factory” others are more complicated, like “teaching the 1000 Hipsters and 500 Hobo’s how to chill, permanently.”

Troops consist of various types of vampires and assorted creatures, along with a Gargoyle that must be trained up to become a major piece in any attack.

It takes time to construct buildings, and this is where a bit of the shine starts to rub off. Some buildings take a very long time to construct. You can speed up the construction time by using an item called a Speed Up, but you don’t have too many and must take care when to use them.

Like most free to play games, there’s a component that players can buy to spend on things like Speed Ups called Rubies. You start with a tiny stash of them, and then must buy more if you want them. If you have other things to do online or want to chat with the other players while you wait for the buildings and troops to finish, then the wait might not be an issue. The game was interesting enough for me to wait through several long builds and watch my resources go up by one every few seconds or so.

Combat really isn’t very interesting because it’s all done off-screen. You send your army of vampires and bats and maybe the gargoyle marching off to crush your enemies and then wait for the battle to finish and get the results. This reminds me of the old old game Fantasy Empires, where you’d send your heroes off on a quest and hoped they came back alive. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn’t. You can spend Rubies to recover lost troops, but otherwise they are gone. This takes a bit of the fun out of playing, as does not having an actual combat to play through.

Now there are ways to earn Speed Ups and other items without spending Rubies. When you log in, there’s a game called Lilith’s Luck, where you match up items on cards. Whatever you match, you get.

If the slow building and no combat doesn’t bother you, the game is actually pretty fun. I enjoyed crushing enemies and fulfilling Quests. Thirst of Night is a game I’d love to see further developed into a true RTS game, just because it’s different.

Thirst of Night Review – Leviathyn

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