NHL 13 Is About To Revolutionize Hockey Games

EA Sports has released information regarding new features for their upcoming annual hockey game, NHL 13. The NHL series from EA has been an absolute blast to play for years now and is one of the best annual games I can think of. Not many series that release every year can keep up with the pace of NHL. The Show is great but what really has been done to it over the past couple of years? NBA 2K is very good as well but this year’s hockey game is looking to blow the rest out of the water.

Here’s a run down of the new features you’ll see in NHL 13 taken directly from EA’s new press release:

  • True Performance Skating – A game-changing innovation for the franchise that adds physics-driven skating and over 1000 new animations. True Performance Skating authentically replicates the explosiveness, momentum and top end speed displayed by today’s NHL players. True Performance Skating combined with the Skill Stick, finally gives gamers access to the entire toolset of an NHL player, delivering unprecedented control and unlocking a level of creativity never before possible in a hockey videogame.
  • EA SPORTS Hockey I.Q. An innovative new A.I. system that governs the behaviors of players, goalies and team systems. In previous NHL games, players were only aware of skaters in their immediate proximity and goalies could only react to the player in control of the puck. With EA SPORTS Hockey I.Q., all players are now fully aware of every other player on the ice, resulting in quicker, smarter and more true-to-life decision-making. EA SPORTS Hockey IQ also delivers the deepest and most customizable set of real-world hockey systems and strategies ever for the franchise.


  • GM ConnectedThe ultimate fantasy league with friends. GM Connected takes the franchise’s most popular offline mode, Be a GM, and allows you to play with and against your friends in your own 30-team NHL. Whether you are a hardcore sports gamer or a hockey fan that moonlights as an armchair general manager, the mode offers unrivaled accessibility and depth by allowing players to manage, play or coach on the road to building your team’s legacy. GM’s can also take their experience with them with a mobile companion app, ensuring that they never miss a single moment.


  • NHL Moments LiveRewrite or relive history as you replay some of the most thrilling moments from today’s NHL. NHL 13 evolves the concept introduced by other sports games, introducing each scenario with real-world NHL footage to bring players closer to the intensity of the moment. Moments from the 2011-12 NHL season will ship on disc and new moments from the 2012-13 NHL season will be added as and when available throughout the season.


These features will be accompanied by improvements to offline and online mode, including Hockey Ultimate Team, Be a Pro, EA SPORTS Hockey League, and much more. It looks like EA has overhauled their on-ice presentation to give more of a real game feel. I hope they didn’t change the announcers. This is one sports game I can actually listen to. Though, they could use some new lines, badly.

EA also announced the collector’s edition of NHL 13 called the Stanley Cup Edition. Here is what the press release says about that:

        Celebrate over 20 years of EA SPORTS NHL hockey with the first ever collector’s edition on this console generation. With Stanley Cup-inspired digital offerings, the NHL 13 Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Exclusive collectible Stanley Cup® tin featuring an embossed Stanley Cup image
  • Two Stanley Cup® Theme Hockey Ultimate Team packs featuring randomized player items from theWestern and Eastern Conference Champions
  • Gold Jumbo Hockey Ultimate Team Pack (Regular) featuring 24 randomized items, including an exclusive Wayne Gretzky Hockey Ultimate Team Legend and six other rare items
  • A CCM Boost Pack featuring the all-new CCM RBZ stick (For use in Be a Pro and EA SPORTS™Hockey League)
  • A 10% discount on a one-time purchase at shop.NHL.com
  • A complete copy of NHL 13
The Stanley Cup Edition of NHL 13 will retail for $79.99 and will release along with the standard edition on September 11th, 2012. Check out the EA Sports NHL page for pre-order info.