Get Those Wallets Ready: 2D Boy Announces “Because We May” Featuring Over 200 Discounted Games

2D Boy and Ron Carmel, famous for World of Goo, are putting on a huge sale for the last week of May. Running from May 24th to June 1st, you can head to Because We May and get tons of games with cheap prices. Most of these games are indie titles or smaller productions that may have slipped off your radar. A lot of titles listed on the site are high profile and were heavily featured during their releases.

Games can be downloaded Directly with no DRM and cross platform installers, on Steam, the Mac App Store, iOS’ App Store, Google Play for Android, or various other digital stores. I did a quick count up for all games listed in each section and the total is at 213 games that will see discounts. This may rise as 2D Boy has a link up for devs to add their game(s) to the list.

You can find titles like Cave Story, Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy, Braid, Waking Mars, Shadowgun, and much more. Click on the link above to reach the website for Because We May or any of the links before to look at a specific platform’s offerings.



Mac App Store

iOS App Store

Google Play/Android

Direct Download



This is the time I’ll finally be getting Cave Story for Steam!