EA Giving Love To Crowd Sourced Indie Games

Today EA announced a new program for Origin, their digital content platform, that waives the distribution fees of games that were successfully crowd-sourced funded via websites like Kickstarter. Any game that has been developed using these types of means can submit their games to Origin and reach over 12 million users. However, the program isn’t all bells and whistles. The fee waive is only for 90 days starting at launch on Origin. After 90 days the distribution fees will commence.

Despite the 90 day limit, this is pretty fantastic to see. Kickstarter is becoming a giant and successful way to get your project up and running. Right now, people are flocking there to try and sell their product to the people that really matter – the gamers, the consumer. All EA is doing here is giving these crowd sourced projects a platform to deliver on with a nifty free ride for about three months. I do expect we’ll see more money being asked on Kickstarter for “Origin fees” now that they know they can distribute through EA but will have to pay out soon after. Either way, this is great news for indie devs and projects that have seen some backing from fans. There is nothing bad about reaching more users and there is no denying the growth of Origin.

Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment is bringing his successful crowd-sourced project Wasteland 2 to Origin using this new program. I suspect we’ll see many more.